Yes I’d Hit Dat, Now Where’s That Time Machine?

vintage slash

If I was alive in 1982 and was a lonely teen addled with slam-dancing hormones but couldn’t get any then because I was also a pimple-ridden, awkward AF nerd (y’know, just like how my teen years were in real life), this pic of a young Slash would be up on my walls. And also on my binder and taped on my body pillow that would get lots of action (because, again, lonely nerd who can’t get any). Who knew that underneath that hat and curtain of burnt, greasy ramen noodles was a face that would make me fan my hot boxes? This is not the first time I got hot from vintage smut (OK, it’s not really smut, but it’s causing smutty thoughts in my head so it counts), which further validates that one saying: old school is the best school!

(Side note: I never really followed Slash, so I hope he didn’t turn out to be a vile asshole oh please I hope not)

Pic courtesy of this subReddit