Bad Girl Weekend

After seeing the eyesore that is an unnecessary big-ass display of Carolina Herrera’s “Good Girl” perfume at Macy’s, two things. 1) When is there gonna be a “Bad Girl” perfume? I can never own something with a name that you say to either your female pet, or submissive in a BDSM scene, or if you’re an ignorant choad being condescending to a woman. And 2) here are some weekend tunes for the bad girl in me, courtesy of three of my music queens, two of which recently celebrated a birthday. (Fittingly that they’re Scorpios!)

I love me some Peaches! There’s more to her than that one song you heard in Lost In Translation. I’ve seen her live three times and she was electric in her performances. 

If you don’t know who Kathleen Hanna (lead singer of Bikini Kill) is, then you don’t know Riot Grrl rock! Kinda sad that she and Courtney Love didn’t get along during grunge rock’s heyday, because their duet that only exists in an alternative universe would’ve been one for the ages. 

Finally, yesterday marked the 25th anniversary of the release of Lil Kim’s “Hard Core” album. The whole album is forever fire, and, besides “No Time”, here are my most-played tracks from it.

Wild opinion: this song does more for feminism than some of the so-called feminist anthems out there. You don’t get more girl power than a woman wanting her share, even if it’s in the bedroom. 

That last track, by the way, inspired me to write a poem involving all my Hollywood crushes. No joke! 

And in the words of the Queen Bee herself, “Beside every man is a Bad Girl”! So take that, Carolina. 


Happy Britney Is Free-day!

And on a day when this scumbag gets indicted!  

Now if the courts can go after her abusive leech of a dad, that would be swell. Also, she should dump that BF of hers. He’s pretty sus, if you ask me. 

I hope Brit-Brit gets to live her life her way from here on out, and that she and her kids are happy and safe. 



Happiest of birthdays today to two of the fiercest women to have walked this planet, Judge Judy Sheindlin and Carrie Fisher! Talented, fearless icons who never acted brainless, never stunted for attention, and didn’t have to buy their way to prominence. Rest in eternal peace to Carrie, and may Judy continue to berate criminal lessers on TV (while making millions for less than two months of work) for years to come!

Retail Therapy

mini TJ Maxx haul!

If there’s one thing that can take me away from the pinche basura that happened last Thursday, (yes, I’m still a bitter bitch about it), it’s shopping! And my little haul from TJ Maxx recently soothed the savage breast beast in me. Best of all, those items were all found in the clearance sections! The two candles normally go for $3.00 more at TJs than how much I got them. And I’m glad they were not used; I mention this because I found out some ingrates are now returning their used candles to TJs, and they end up in the clearance shelves. Come on, now. 

I have to say that the Replica travel fragrance was THE find out of the haul. I got that for $10, and it originally goes for $30! (The whole haul costs less than that!) And it didn’t even looked used! And-and, ooooh it smells so good. My body and my studio will be smellin’ like heaven now. 


New Jack Swingin’

Continuing with my 1991-themed Throwback Thursdays for this month, here are some of my favorite R&B songs that were released 30 years ago, at the height of the New Jack Swing era! Gotta dance away all my nerves of the upcoming Game 5 between the Giants and Bums, y’know. (I gotta do a LOT of dancing then.)

That New Jack City soundtrack (which gave us the first two songs) remains legendary.

You gotta wonder how many babies were made to this song. Also, thanks to CB4, I sometimes think of big-ass biscuits when this song plays.

I’ve seen conflicting release dates of this eternal jam, but the consensus seems to be at 1991, so it counts! And Rest In Power, Heavy D.

Since it’s also the birthday of Superwoman herself Karyn White…

*sighs* What I would give to go back to the days when women in R&B didn’t look so plastic and ratchet and sang with their real voices without any autotune. No, I would not sacrifice a Giants win tonight for that.

Happy National Coming Out Day!

Yaaasss Elliott.

I also recommend Good Housekeeping’s article that features more coming out stories from other LGBTQ+ figures. And if you need a little uplifting on this day, this vintage Tumblr post is pure fire. I seem to post/link it every Coming Out Day, and it never get old.


Work commitments kept me from participating in the Women’s March yesterday. Besides being at the March in spirit, I got a kick out of these signs!

elephant in the womb

Now that is clever.

pro-birth crap

This also needs to be seen by those ass-backwards ingrates that waste their lives protesting outside Planned Parenthood.

protest this shit

I remember seeing that same message on the sign that cool granny is holding at past Women’s Marches. The message never gets old.

And, finally, in ye olde Texas…

new texas laws

*sighs* If only Abbott’s dad squirted him on the floor instead.

Pics courtesy of Reddit (click on pic for link)