Serve Face, Spongebob Style!

Leave it to Wet-N-Wild Beauty (makers of my favorite contour palette) to take me away from the dreary news of today and deliver a palette cleanser of a collab that sings to the Bikini Bottom resident in me: Spongebob Squarepants-themed makeup! Yes, something like this has been done before, but maybe it’s fitting that a brand called “Wet-N-Wild” nail the collab. ‘Cause, you know, “wet” being the environment Spongebob lives in, and “wild” being Spongebob and his boating skills. (I know–I’m putting too much into this.) Finally, those Spongebob-themed Makeup Erasers have met their match! And I never knew I wanted a Spongebob glow-up and Squidward’s resting bitch face blending my makeup until now.

But wait! Where is the Coral Blue #2 semi gloss lipstick?! (Why are there no lippies here, by the way?) And a blush called Sandy Cheeks? Missed opportunities there, Wet-N-Wild.

Put This On My Face

elf X chipotle

My work day ended abruptly today (thanks to a flat tire that rendered me useless for deliveries), so leave it to this work of art I found on the Reddits to cheer me up. Who knew I’d be attracted to a makeup collab involving Chipotle?! What’s next, a Colourpop collab with Wendy’s? NYX and KFC? Also, I’m getting hungry. Also also, judge away but the Burrito Bowl color story of that eyeshadow palette is calling me. Now, you can look glam by putting Hot Salsa and Fajitas on your eyes!

Yes, I shall buy. No, I’m not doing so just to get that free chips and guac voucher.


Speaking of dinosaurs running offline, I just found out that Google is selling swag featuring the No WiFi Dino at their Mountain View headquarters! I only live an hour away (or two-plus hours depending on the time and traffic) from their headquarters, so if you see some short, redheaded Pinay snatching up a bunch of merchandise featuring a T-Rex whose image is giving me original Game Boy vibes, no need to worry. I’m just an admirer of fine art.  

And dat beanie is calling me! *adds to birthday wish list* 

Happy Monday Tuesday

Heavy smoke is still in the air at my place and social media “influencers” have not gone extinct yet, but leave it to these Spongebob-themed Makeup Erasers (yes it’s for real) to cheer my ass up!


I never used a Makeup Eraser before, and these look too good to pop my ME cherry. This all belongs in a museum! And somewhere, that money slut Mr. Krabs is sobbing tears of regret, wishing he came up with this idea first.

Pic came from here