Boo This Cold

Weather, I mean. I don’t have a cold, thankfully. 

I should be celebrating the Winter Solstice today. But after the cold-ass weather we in the East Bay Area have had the past week or so, I’m not enthused over celebrating anything cold weather-related. I felt like winter already started days ago when our lows dropped to the 30s and it felt like my nips would freeze off whenever I stepped outside. Of course, those in places who get snow and single digit temps daily see the temps here and think we got it made, but I don’t think so and it’s still too damn cold for me! And, yes, I can hear your snickering, Northeasterners. 

Times like this I wish I could be in the Southern Hemisphere where they’re having Summer Solstice. One day, preferably when Covid gets tamed (suuure it will), I’d love to celebrate Christmas Aussie-style like those guys in that pic, use my fan as an Xmas tree, and open presents in 90-degree weather. Sure I can go to a beach in SF and wear a holiday-themed swimsuit and make sandmen while risking getting a real cold. But it’s gonna rain the rest of the week and my sandman won’t even hold up. Boooooo. 

Pic courtesy of this site