A Rich December

Dame Joan Collins on Vanity Fair, December 1984, photographed by Herb Ritts. Gee, I wonder what that word could be. Fun fact: just a year ago, she stripped out of her high-end furs and couture outfits for Playboy at 50 years old (!). 

I have this issue (of course), and if you want to know one definition of blasphemy, there is not a single picture of Joan inside save for the cover credit. VF’s Hall of Fame that year featured future international disgrace Orange Hitler, but they couldn’t publish more glamma shots of Alexis going on and on?! Boooooo! 

Kylie To The Rescue Yet Again

I needed a pick-me-up, and my queen comes thru again!

Once in a while, a real interesting headline gets posted on Reddit. While I’ve seen this story before, like pictures of cats, I never get tired of seeing it. One user posted a link to the video below. I never saw this vintage lingerie ad of Kylie’s before, and all I can say is WOW! 

And just like that, No Nut November became instantly cancelled and ruined by the many men that watched this. 



Showing My Age Yet Again

old ring toss game!

This week’s Throwback Thursday (something I haven’t done in weeks, I know) is brought to you by this waterful game that I played when coloring books and riding my tricycle bored my young self. Just looking at that is giving me flashbacks of Care Bears playing on TV and the heady scent of Aqua Net hairspray that kept the sky-high perm of my babysitter in check. (Ah, the late 80s.) 

Story time: I was only a couple years away from owning the OG Nintendo game console (that my half-sisters ended up hogging) and since begging my old folks to get me the latest Barbie was a game I could only play for so long, they took out that Waterful Ring Toss game out of storage to hush me up. It seemed to work; for one, it was colorful so I got attracted to it. With the water action, which was also fascinating, that shit was easy to play. Well, until I wanted to get that very last ring on the peg-thingie. I’d tilt the case to get that ring, only for some other rings to fall out, and now I had more rings to put back. Aaaannnnd that’s how they got you hooked! Before time-wasters like Candy Crush and Tetris existed, there was this!

I probably stopped playing it when I finally got my new Barbie, which led to it going back into storage, and likely donated to the thrift store thrown out because my old folks trashed old stuff we no longer used. There was also a chance my dummy kid self opened the tab and the water and rings spilled out, rendering it useless. Either way, a future collectible (that’s now going for this much on Etsy) is no longer with me. 

Pic courtesy of this subReddit 


Now That’s How You Cheer Me Up

It’s Monday, the Winter solstice, cold AF and foggy outside, and PMS is knocking on my door. But none of that can bring me down, for these vintage pics of Susan Lucci (living out a Jackie Collins fever dream) and latex Madame Mary Tyler Moore (with Dick Van Dyke) are serving me fun and fantasy!

Screen Shot 2020-12-21 at 9.29.48 PM

Pics from Vanity Fair, December 1995 issue, courtesy of this site that I stumbled onto today