Yes And Yes

Finally, some actual sane takes on the Heard/Depp trial:

…If people can’t speak out about their experiences with abuse while granting their abusers anonymity, when can they speak at all?

Almost everything about this trial has been a keen reminder of the Bad Old Days. The days when a woman had to be a stoic and saintly image of victimhood in order to be believed. The days when a man’s appalling private behavior could be ignored by the masses because he was a beloved public figure. The days when it was acceptable to demonize and bully a woman because she said things about a famous man that the world would rather not hear. The days when bystanders pointing any of these things out online would earn them a swift and proverbial beatdown.

“This whole trial has been a depressing and demoralizing mess. It is a confirmation that we still live in a place where, when it comes to a complicated he-said-she-said, the winner will always be the one with the most power, the most fans, the most money to buy the best lawyers, and the biggest reserves of good old fashioned misogyny to deploy.

“Amber Heard and Johnny Depp both lost today. But it’s America that’s losing the most.”

From my local PBS station KQED, who did not disappoint! Glad to support them.


Screen Shot 2022-06-02 at 3.00.17 PM

Tell it, Alex!

Oy, This Month

princess blingee

My princess of a blog turns three today. She can ditch her pampers and ride a trike now.

I usually like it when June rolls around, but that women’s reproductive rights may (will?) be stripped away in some states thanks to some ass-backwards, corrupt cuntbeasts in the Supreme Court, and misogyny may skyrocket no matter what the outcome of the Heard/Depp trial, all in this month…sheeit. Guess I better sharpen my axe.

(Side note: if you’re fed up or even bewildered with the excess pro-Depp content coming from that trial like I am, I got a couple of eyeopening goodies for ya.)

Because A Little Joy Is Better Than None

My ass needed some cheering up (before the next bit of awful news hits, which you know will be, oh, a few minutes after this gets posted), and this tweet didn’t disappoint!

I gotta remember that comeback in case I get one of those creeps! I got it from this subReddit, which also has this post that MUST be read (especially for those in shitty, abusive relationships).

In actual uplifting news: a rape-supporting trash cunt lost his race to a woman (who also flipped the traditionally-red district blue) in Michigan. Ah, the sweet smell of poetic justice in the morning.

An item I bought on just a couple days ago is now sold out, and if you have to guess what the item was about…(although you can side-eye me for not owning it already) And, yes, I’ll be wearing that pin with pride!

Finally, I wish this declaration was the case for this blasted nation. Nonetheless, here’s reason #64295 why my state rules:

Cali may not be perfect, but it’s a fuck-ton a lot better than some states. *side-eyes all the South*

I can list more cheer-me-ups, but my low-carb chicken and steak enchiladas (that I made specially for this Cinco De Mayo and, yes, they turned out well) is calling me.

The Paradox

forced birthers gala

Modern-day ‘Murica, everyone!

Also, I find it laughable to see some “entertainment”/celeb gossip sites hyping the Mess Gala in an attempt to take us away from the possible Roe v. Wade overruling. OK, I get it–escapism and all that shit, but with today’s celebrity landscape?! Those sites be trying to push some “fashion” fantasy on us, but who are these tricks fooling? While normal women in states most likely to be affected by the abortion ban worry over their lives, here’s gushing over some “influencer” and a “reality” show attention whore, both sans substance and natural beauty, and how they’re our fAsHiOn iCoNs of our time. (Don’t get me started on the last Gala, held during the height of Omicron late last year.) These days, you don’t need to sleep to experience a disturbing nightmare. It’s happening right now.

If you want it to end, though, get out and vote this year and, with Z-list attention whores, just don’t look.

Tweet from here

Fight Now

fight NOW

What else needs to be said? Aside from a “thank you, Mary” over knowing that she didn’t inherit all the awful shit associated with that name.

If you’re tired of moping over this country’s descent into Gilead, take action:

Donate, donate, donate.

Take a stand and rally. (If I wasn’t working today, I’d be at my nearest march, no questions asked.)

Give assistance if you’re able (one of the very few times Reddit is useful)

And, of course, get out and vote all the woman-hating assholes up for re-election out of office this Midterms (while we still have the right to)!

Tweet from WPT

Monday Truth Bombs

Courtesy of these two tweets!

Screen Shot 2022-03-27 at 9.13.50 PM

Roland, Roman, Rapist Pedo, it’s all the same. Also, shouldn’t Mia Farrow, of all people, be aware of that?

By the way, I remember watching that ceremony that Miss Genie’s talking about. To this day, I still can’t wrap my head around the ugly fact that Rapist Polanski got an ovation–and won his Oscar before Martin Scorsese!while Michael Moore got booed for calling out W. Bush’s bullshit involving the Iraq War. But that’s Hollywood for ya.

And when many people are talking about the catfight between Fresh Prince and MC Gusto more than what film won Best Picture, that says something about both the Oscars ceremony and the movies being put out today, doesn’t it?

Finally, because some basics need to be reminded…

hobbit don't work

The same can be said for the rest of her klan of useless, oxygen-thieving pustules that most of the media still enjoys shoving down our throats when, in a smarter society, they should’ve been no more than a mere blip on the radar back in 2011. (If that was the case, imagine all the over-filtered, duck-lipped selfies from insecure young women this world would have never seen.) Instead, not working and being a total Karen to those who make your clearance bin-worthy makeup is worthy of a Vogue cover these days. It’s fitting, however, considering there’s no prestige or value to being on Anna Wintour’s Vogue anymore. Gee, I wonder what killed it off…