And On Monday I Laugh (Again)

Me after reading the reactions on the digitally imposed pig slop that was the Sainty Southern Gentleman’s VMA appearance yesterday (TIL two things: the VMAs are still on (but why tho) and that it happened yesterday) and hearing that he’s also job-hunting

“Pathetic” has been redefined in spades last night and I couldn’t be more pleased.

ETA: according to a few that wasted their lives going to the VMAs, that shit wasn’t even shown to the audience and the “applause” was added in! Talk about boss-level fakery. (Given who also appeared at that show, however, the audience wasn’t entirely spared from utter trash.)

A sAiNt’s Influence (And An Apology)

Instead of more actual male victims of domestic violence coming out with their own stories in the aftermath of the Heard-Depp one-sided pony show trial (because the trial was supposed to be about male domestic violence victims getting their justice, right?), THIS is one thing that comes from it: 

Screen Shot 2022-06-03 at 2.36.43 PM

‘The jury gave me my life back.’ ‘Truth never perishes.’ — Johnny Depp. I felt that! Congratulations to Johnny and his team on his defamation suit,” Rittenhouse tweeted

“Johnny Depp trial is just fueling me, you can fight back against the lies in the media, and you should!” Rittenhouse tweeted

This scab that walked scot-free from his vile actions being INFLUENCED by Depp and his “victory”. To all the supporters and stans of their precious Saint Depp, let that sink in. And bless that choad for thinking he’ll have a winning case, let alone a case. 

Oddly, I didn’t first discover this news on Reddit’s main News subReddit (which usually reports these things), but on a site for celeb gossip. Of course, you can Google Rottenhouse’s name and news articles on that will pop up, but that the rest of Reddit, which, just a month ago, was filled to the brim with trite AF “Johnny Good/Amber Turd EVIL” memes almost everywhere, hasn’t even brought it up is very telling. There’s plenty of articles and tweets calling out the recent gun massacres, but what about that gun-happy Rottenhouse being influenced by Depp? I sorted Reddit’s News page to “New” last night and earlier today, and as of 11:25PM PDT, there remains no mention of that. I wonder why. Meanwhile, that sub’s top-voted headline this year? You guessed it! Talk about a punk bitch move. Speaking of, let’s not forget all those dipshits who openly mocked Amber on their blogs/social media for those precious likes/views and attention during the trial, then 180 or go silent from their bullshit later like that Hasan who-dat. Trivial as it sounds, I’ve unsubscribed to some subReddits I once liked due to their stance on the trial and their obvious bot infestation pushing that played-out faux narrative. 

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Finding A Balance

Me trying to find a “(Insert name of abusive male celebrity) Is An Awful Abuser” meme in an ocean of “Amber Heard Is An Awful Abuser” memes on a certain anti-woman Heard hellhole of a website…

*sighs* To the terminally-online, video-game addicted, permanent virgins (let’s be real here) known as incels: if you’re gonna live your deranged, misogynistic vengeance fantasies through the Depp-Heard trial and direct your vitriol on Amber to where you want her abused (and who would be the abuser in that case now?), how about mustering up the same outrage to Kevin Spacey, Louis CK, Mel Gibson, Sean Penn, Harvey Weinstein, or Mike Tyson? Why aren’t you wasted creampies doing cliched Spongebob memes on how abusive and shitty those guys are? Oh, wait, I just answered my own question. Guess abusive men memes don’t get as many oh-so valuable online karma points like the anti-Amber ones.

Monday Truth Bombs

Courtesy of these two tweets!

Screen Shot 2022-03-27 at 9.13.50 PM

Roland, Roman, Rapist Pedo, it’s all the same. Also, shouldn’t Mia Farrow, of all people, be aware of that?

By the way, I remember watching that ceremony that Miss Genie’s talking about. To this day, I still can’t wrap my head around the ugly fact that Rapist Polanski got an ovation–and won his Oscar before Martin Scorsese!while Michael Moore got booed for calling out W. Bush’s bullshit involving the Iraq War. But that’s Hollywood for ya.

And when many people are talking about the catfight between Fresh Prince and MC Gusto more than what film won Best Picture, that says something about both the Oscars ceremony and the movies being put out today, doesn’t it?

Finally, because some basics need to be reminded…

hobbit don't work

The same can be said for the rest of her klan of useless, oxygen-thieving pustules that most of the media still enjoys shoving down our throats when, in a smarter society, they should’ve been no more than a mere blip on the radar back in 2011. (If that was the case, imagine all the over-filtered, duck-lipped selfies from insecure young women this world would have never seen.) Instead, not working and being a total Karen to those who make your clearance bin-worthy makeup is worthy of a Vogue cover these days. It’s fitting, however, considering there’s no prestige or value to being on Anna Wintour’s Vogue anymore. Gee, I wonder what killed it off…

Current Mood

Welp. My Giants’ otherwise memorable season just had to end so soon. On a shit call (out of many shit calls today) by a shit ump, I must add.

I was prepared for the worst, however. If it wasn’t for having Married With Children on my TV (I got all the episodes on DVD and yes I still watch some shows on DVD) while listening to the KNBR broadcast of the Giants game (because TBS stands for “The Biased SlutsForDodgers”), I would’ve been crying over this loss. Oh, who am I kidding–I don’t cry for any favorite sports team when it comes to playoff shit. My all-time favorite sitcom softened the blow and I just watched Marcy strip in front of Steve to make him to shave off his beard that she hates. Bahahahaha ah fuck.

Also, thank goodness for hockey.

Edit to add: realizing that the Houston Asterisks, who still have never been reprimanded over their cheating ways, got to advance over the Giants (who had never cheated for their World Series wins, need I remind y’all) and being reminded how much the Bums overpaid for players to join their team and now my mood is this:

Yeah, thank goodness for hockey. And weed.

Word Of The Day

OK, that could be my word for any day I come across way too many posts featuring losers that don’t deserve any more attention (like John Legend’s wife). But that word means so much more right now! For instance: Bay Area sports teams today yesterday played like trash, the Warriors and their fans probably feel like trash, and I’m sure MLB Network’s coverage of the Giants-Bums game is gonna be 100% Bums-leaning biased trash, like their trash-ass broadcasters who belong in the trash. Oh, and the cart that I use to transport my massage table broke on me, causing my table to fall, and that was fucking trash! (But I fixed the cart, so take that, Trash Gods!)

Trash Vs. Trash

Welcome to UTF (Ultimate Twunt Fight), March 2021 edition! In one corner, we have a hypocritical meatsac sorry excuse of a human being who enjoys jacking off the smooth brains who worship Orange Hitler. In the other corner, we have some hoodrat (who also “raps”, I guess), who’s really trying to make us forget that she threw parties during a pandemic, admitted to drugging and robbing men during her stripper days, and also did this trashy ho shit (which is par for the course for her). All over a whack song I will never listen to because my time and ears are precious, and I’m also a demure lady.

Place your bets, people! Fair warning: no matter who you root for, you lose either way! Because while fascism-loving opportunists are one of the things ruining this country, ignorant, selfish assholes (and the ones who blindly celebrate them) who can’t do anything better than skank out every time are also to blame. 

Yeah, yeah, I know I adore some celebs who’ve been trashy at times. But compared to Crappi B, my faves are pure-as-snow saints. 

Also, the hell happened to Dlisted these days? 

That Bitch!

Aaaannnd that’s another one thrown out of my stud stable. What a fucking shame. 

Screen Shot 2021-02-03 at 5.30.33 PM

That sound you heard were the heads of Driver fans exploding on Tumblr and this subReddit over the news.

To Michael B Jordan, Jason Momoa, Jake Gyllenhaal, Henry Golding, and Aiden Turner (aka the remaining hos in my stable): please don’t stoop this low. Knowing how HoWood could be, however… 

At this rate, it’s gonna be only women and fictional men I’ll be fapping to. Which is actually fine with me, now that I think about it. 

Another Late Night Rant

The Good: there’s now a Covid vaccine and it’s free

The Bad: many, many of us gotta wait a while to get it 

The Goddamn, Despicably Fucking Ugly: reading how evil assholes like Rupert Murdoch and Mike Pence get the vaccine before some, if not many, frontline workers are still waiting for theirs. And then there’s this and this story

There’s never been a better time to learn how to make a guillotine.