Throwback To A Farewell

In honor of baseball broadcasting LEGEND Vin Scully joining Bill Russell in sports heaven, here he is back on October 2, 2016 (I know it’s not that far back but compared to today, October 2016 was a totally different time), delivering a send-off for the ages. It was only fitting that the very last game he broadcasted was a Giants-Bums game.

I may be a Giants fan (I know, I know), but I always had mad respect for Scully. Then again, I felt like he was more than Dodger baseball; he was baseball.

Rest in peace, Vincent Edward Scully.

Smelling Like Teen Spirit

Bath & Body Works’ Semi-Annual Sale recently ended, and despite amassing a haul that made my bank account curse my name to the depths of Hell yet again, I could not find my precious that is B&BW’s Sun-Ripened Raspberry body spray. And then I learned it got discontinued. Again. It blows because my current SRR spray (that I bought five, six (?) years ago) is now 20 percent full and has a janky nozzle. But I still enjoy it from time to time despite the pump “squirting” out the scent as opposed to emitting a fine mist, as its scent takes me back to some good ol’ days.

You know you’re a true old when you remember buying that scent in that bottle with that label, at the B&BW in your local mall that was right next to Sam Goody and across from 5-7-9 and Suncoast Motion Picture Company. Along with Body Fantasies and Bottled Emotion, B&BW’s body sprays were the first perfumes teen me owned, and Sun-Ripened Raspberry, Cucumber Melon, and Country Apple were mah jams. In my umpteenth attempt to relive my pimple-ridden, chubby-faced youth, I was able to snag some goodies of the last two scents from B&BW’s recent sale. Of course, not a single Sun-Ripened Raspberry product was in sight. Not even on their website, and the going prices for SRR stuff on eBay alone is ridiculous. The nerve of those eBay sellers to put a price on pure nostalgia!

I’ll let BasenoteBitch close it out for me: 

This is one of the aromatic idols Bath and Body Works pumped out starting circa 1996. The girl who wears this is a nubile wobbling baby deer in her new Steve Madden Slinky slides. She’s on her way to her first dance recital with approximately 800 bobby pins and glitter spray in a very tightly wound bun. Said bun is likely stopping valuable blood to the brain.

Side note: I read that and one other review from that hilarious perfume review site, and instantly bookmarked it.

The Most Unforgettable Eye Balm

After coming across this disturbing headline (who knew that damn thing could sink any lower), I had to cleanse my eyes quick. And there’s no betta balm for battered eyes than 80s supermodel glamour (at least for me), courtesy of these classic Revlon ads!

No tired eyes, no basic-ness detected, no problem! Even their hair is serving it! 

Pics courtesy of Fashion Gone Rouge

Two Bouquets Of Hotness

Because I need to cleanse my eyes and soul after both were subjected to the awfulness that is life in 2022, here are old-school (it’s old-school to Gen Z since these pics came from when Gen Z were gleams in the eyes of their parents; meanwhile, I was in high school when those covers came out so yes I’m an old) captures of two of my favorite hotties, who went up to my then-straight sexuality and declared “you straight no mo’, honey'”, who also share a birthday today, Penelope Cruz and Jessica Alba! If you can hear a loud-ass whirr right now, that’s the fan I turned on and set on the highest setting because I need to cool mahself down after seeing those pics. (Side note: every Maxim cover and layout back then really deserved many Photoshop Awards. They airbrushed the hell out of those women, which, in J-Alba’s case, was simply not necessary.)

Envy Me, Honey

20220414_151919 (1)

Say hello to THE perfume that defined my wild child days during the mid to late 2000s: Gucci’s Envy Me! I’m not sure how, where, or when we were introduced, but I know its floral-fruity notes had me hooked. This smell, which I still have as you can see (albeit down to a couple tablespoons left), takes me back to some fun-ass nights. Raving and humping sweaty, semi-drunk hotties on the dance floor at Ruby Skye in SF till 6AM. Getting lap dances from Love Spell-scented strippers at Crazy Horse (I swear, Love Spell was THE choice smell of strippers back then). Cruising down Sunset Blvd and partying at Avalon Hollywood during my summer trips to LA. Ah, to be in your 20s during a time before soul-sucking shit like cell phones, social media, and Covid came into existence. About the only thing I didn’t do then was go sans panties a la Britney and Lindsay, so I guess I wasn’t that much of a wild child. But, yes, just a whiff of Gucci’s Envy Me brings all that back. That it was discontinued some time ago is criminal (as is its expensive AF resell price these days), but it could’ve been worse: it could have been reformulated. *side-eyes J’Adore perfume*

And It’s About Hot Mens Too

essence feb 96 copy

This week’s Throwback Thursday is brought to you by this vintage Essence cover from the mid-90s that has also fulfilled my sudden craving for vintage hot mens. (Well, somewhat fulfilled–I can be insatiable in this category.) How odd that mid-90s mag covers proudly showed shirtless panty-creamers with muscles, delectably glistened skin, and nips in your face, whereas nowadays a Vanity Fair cover with Michael B Jordan almost drowning is supposed to bring the hotness. (It didn’t, which is a hard feat to accomplish when someone like MBJ is involved!) That’s reason #549 why I favor old school mag covers over the newer ones.