Happy Kylie Weekend!

For this holiday weekend, let us all do the locomotion under raining glitter in honor of the Impossible Princess who’s had us spinning around with fever over the past 30+ years, today’s birthday queen Kylie Minogue!!!!! We should be so lucky to have this modern-day Aphrodite in our timeline, for her music that we can’t get out of our heads, showgirl style, and golden personality has us all wanting more more more.

Now get outta my way ’cause I wanna hit the dancefloor with these tunes.

My Kind Of Product Description!

20220520_205045 copy

I’ve been on vacay the past few days, and despite returning home (too soon, I should add) my brain seem to still be in vacation mode because it wants me to sunbathe and forget about posting a thing. Too bad, brain–I got a new entry for the Travel Slut Diaries, and while I work on that, enjoy this product description I saw on the back of Ouai’s Super Dry Shampoo that I saw at a Sephora in the city I vacationed at! I wouldn’t be able to shake that can like I got raging PMS, though. It’s hard to shake something when you’re feeling sluggish and horny with your mouth full of cheese. Thanks to that label, though, I now know how to say that line in French!

One Sign, One Song

This weekend I rallied for women’s abortion rights, didn’t get much sleep, worked a long day at the spa again, and did my laundry and cleaned my floors after working said long day at the spa so I can have another lazy Monday. But all I want to do is share the following two things:


This superb sign from the Oakland Bans Off Our Bodies rally. I also got to see the mayor of Oakland speak, some women dressed as handmaidens from The Handmaid’s Tale (it’s not a pro-choice rally without it these days), some cute dogs, and a homeless but harmless drunk sitting with the crowd talking to himself while speakers shared their abortion stories.

My song of the week:

Why this jam? Yours Busy-as-hell will get to be lazy as hell till next Tuesday, for I’ll be taking a break from work starting today. I’m on Spring Break, bitches!

Envy Me, Honey

20220414_151919 (1)

Say hello to THE perfume that defined my wild child days during the mid to late 2000s: Gucci’s Envy Me! I’m not sure how, where, or when we were introduced, but I know its floral-fruity notes had me hooked. This smell, which I still have as you can see (albeit down to a couple tablespoons left), takes me back to some fun-ass nights. Raving and humping sweaty, semi-drunk hotties on the dance floor at Ruby Skye in SF till 6AM. Getting lap dances from Love Spell-scented strippers at Crazy Horse (I swear, Love Spell was THE choice smell of strippers back then). Cruising down Sunset Blvd and partying at Avalon Hollywood during my summer trips to LA. Ah, to be in your 20s during a time before soul-sucking shit like cell phones, social media, and Covid came into existence. About the only thing I didn’t do then was go sans panties a la Britney and Lindsay, so I guess I wasn’t that much of a wild child. But, yes, just a whiff of Gucci’s Envy Me brings all that back. That it was discontinued some time ago is criminal (as is its expensive AF resell price these days), but it could’ve been worse: it could have been reformulated. *side-eyes J’Adore perfume*

A Couple Shout-Outs

The first is to all those who voted Blue in 2020, especially to those in Georgia. For without them we would not have an actual qualified judge voted into the Supreme Court, and we wouldn’t have had this moment of success (for what’s left of this country’s democracy), salt overflow (from the GQP Senators who walked out), and shade (from Chuck Schumer in the end):

Continue to vote Blue in 2022, people!

The second is to that cashier at Target yesterday. I normally use self-checkout, but this Target closed them off. Dude took a while in opening another register when only one was open (naturally, during closing time), but when he rang up my stuff, I had to correct him on the price of a couple of food items that were on sale. I told him the sale price per pound, but he ended up ringing up the items at the sale price for the whole package instead. What was supposed to be $2 per pound of meat ended up being $2 for the whole thing. I got four-plus pounds of meat for $4! This is one of the very rare times I’m glad I had a cashier ring up my stuff instead of using my preferred choice of self-checkout (which I could’ve done but this Target closed them off).

The next time I find some meat on sale and I see that cashier guy again, I’ll know what to do!

Happy Mimi Day

Who cares about tonight’s Oscars (it’s still a thing?!) when a far more important and actual relevant event is occurring today: the born day of My Butterfly Rainbow Hello Kitty Queen, Mariah Carey!

This time, let’s flip the script and spotlight my favorite remixes of hers…

Only a true music legend can remix a ballad to a hip-hop jam flawlessly, get the artist whose song inspired your remix in your video, pioneer the trend of pop star/rapper collabs (and still do it better than those a generation younger than you), and look stun in a tube top and miniskirt and fighting your evil twin in white goopy stuff.

Celebrate, Mimi, celebrate!

Duckin’ Fabulous

After seeing these fashionably loud ducks serve up style and glamour at the recent Pied Piper Duck Show in Sydney, Australia, the runways of Milan, Paris, and New York once again need to step up their game. You know designers need to go back to the drawing board when duck couture is more appealing than whatever this mess is. (I guess the folks at The Fashion Spot haven’t seen their optometrist in a while because they think that look is a “hit”. *snorts*) Also, the pose game of these feathered catwalkers (or should I say, duckwalkers) is top notch. Linda and Naomi would be proud of those birds in pink, while the duck in blue is flaunting leg leg leg like they’re channeling their inner Nadja Auermann. To botch a lyric from RuPaul’s “Supermodel”, “you betta quack, bitch!”

Pic courtesy of Sad And Useless (although I first read about this show here)

Happy California Day!

Bow down to the bestest state in the union today! I was gonna post a California song here, but not only are there plenty of cool songs on mah birthstate, this show somehow popped into my head and it needed to be posted here.

California’s Gold! I used to watch this and Road Trip with Mr. California himself Huell Howser (RIP) on PBS years ago. Fitting that the video spotlights a California native enjoyed almost everywhere in the States: See’s Candies! (Which I can’t have for now because. *pouts*)

Pic courtesy of Etsy