The Paradox

forced birthers gala

Modern-day ‘Murica, everyone!

Also, I find it laughable to see some “entertainment”/celeb gossip sites hyping the Mess Gala in an attempt to take us away from the possible Roe v. Wade overruling. OK, I get it–escapism and all that shit, but with today’s celebrity landscape?! Those sites be trying to push some “fashion” fantasy on us, but who are these tricks fooling? While normal women in states most likely to be affected by the abortion ban worry over their lives, here’s gushing over some “influencer” and a “reality” show attention whore, both sans substance and natural beauty, and how they’re our fAsHiOn iCoNs of our time. (Don’t get me started on the last Gala, held during the height of Omicron late last year.) These days, you don’t need to sleep to experience a disturbing nightmare. It’s happening right now.

If you want it to end, though, get out and vote this year and, with Z-list attention whores, just don’t look.

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Finding A Balance

Me trying to find a “(Insert name of abusive male celebrity) Is An Awful Abuser” meme in an ocean of “Amber Heard Is An Awful Abuser” memes on a certain anti-woman Heard hellhole of a website…

*sighs* To the terminally-online, video-game addicted, permanent virgins (let’s be real here) known as incels: if you’re gonna live your deranged, misogynistic vengeance fantasies through the Depp-Heard trial and direct your vitriol on Amber to where you want her abused (and who would be the abuser in that case now?), how about mustering up the same outrage to Kevin Spacey, Louis CK, Mel Gibson, Sean Penn, Harvey Weinstein, or Mike Tyson? Why aren’t you wasted creampies doing cliched Spongebob memes on how abusive and shitty those guys are? Oh, wait, I just answered my own question. Guess abusive men memes don’t get as many oh-so valuable online karma points like the anti-Amber ones.

Just One Of Dem Days

Ever had one of those days where you’re less than an hour into your work day and already you want shit to be over with right away?

Without giving things away, let’s just say I now know a little bit more about some of my co-workers (and not in a good way), AllerClear doesn’t do shit for allergies compared to Flonase, and that we really need to bring back an indoor mask mandate. Some people are so hard up for pre-Covid normalcy these days that they got no problem breathing the same air with strangers who got no problem spraying their cough droplets out. Like, ewwwww.

Things could be worse, though. At least I’m not this guy.

Friday Rants & Raves

This small batch of rants and raves were meant to be posted on Monday, but I got busy.

As much as I love watching hockey, baseball, and NBA games during this time, if there’s one thing I simply cannot with, it’s the ass-kissing sports broadcasters give to asshole athletes. Maybe it’s because I have remnants of my soul and brain left, but I just cannot publicly slobber over foul bitches like anti-vaxx choad Kyrie Irving or Putin’s top ho Alex Ovechkin. I’m sure there’s plenty of acid you can give me to fake it, though.


There’s “Girls Gone Wild: Exposed”, “Secrets Of Playboy,” “Surviving R Kelly,” a bunch of exposé segments on Orange Hitler, and now all I want to see is an exposé on those dead-eyed, plastic-filled, fraud-defining KartrashJenners. Nothing that mediocre yet toxic should not have blown up as they had.


Stupid-ass thing I saw recently:


All together now: NO. And that’s my super honest opinion.

Also, if you want to give yourself a throbbing headache, go to Reddit (shocker) and read the top comments on any post regarding the Depp-Heard trial (except at Subreddit Drama, as they’re one of the few places that know both of them are awful). Yeah, I know Amber sucks, but all those misogynist scabs who think that permanent drunk mess who trashed hotel rooms in the 90s and left his long-time significant other (whom he had his kids with) for Amber aka Johnny is iNnOcEnT in this case…well, bless them.


Speaking of what should be blessed, my attempt to make keto hot pockets…


…may not be worthy of a pity Like on social media, but something something tasted good in the end. Guess when the recipe says to not roll the dough thin to keep the fillings in, they mean it. Ah well, there’s always a next time. (For the record, the dough in the two left pockets stayed intact.)

Recipe can be found here!


The Foolishness Of The Modern Man, part #7436: reading how some triple-vaxxed people recently caught Covid while attending a big public event, but them refusing to answer if they wore a mask while attending said big public event.

Meanwhile, when I attend Chris Rock’s show in July (yes, I got tickets!), I’m gonna double mask it and carry hand sanitizer. I still refuse to share air with strangers and no way is the Rona bitch gonna get me!


Finally, the sunset I experienced that was mentioned in my Easter post:


Taken at the beaches of El Granada, a few minutes north of Half Moon Bay. Since it’s also Earth Day today, if you still want to see pretty beachside sunsets 10, 20 years from now, do your part and get your butt involved in preserving what’s left of this planet! 

Work Hard, Spend Hard

Downside to today: having to go to work on a day I wasn’t supposed to work. I had to cover a shift for a co-worker who called in sick last minute.

Upside to today: my boss offering me double pay for my troubles. And that client who tipped me $50 for only 50 minutes of work. And seeing Sephora’s Spring Sale starting a little early online for us Rouge members (don’t be surprised I’m one)…

Time to bring out the tried and true!

Monday Truth Bombs

Courtesy of these two tweets!

Screen Shot 2022-03-27 at 9.13.50 PM

Roland, Roman, Rapist Pedo, it’s all the same. Also, shouldn’t Mia Farrow, of all people, be aware of that?

By the way, I remember watching that ceremony that Miss Genie’s talking about. To this day, I still can’t wrap my head around the ugly fact that Rapist Polanski got an ovation–and won his Oscar before Martin Scorsese!while Michael Moore got booed for calling out W. Bush’s bullshit involving the Iraq War. But that’s Hollywood for ya.

And when many people are talking about the catfight between Fresh Prince and MC Gusto more than what film won Best Picture, that says something about both the Oscars ceremony and the movies being put out today, doesn’t it?

Finally, because some basics need to be reminded…

hobbit don't work

The same can be said for the rest of her klan of useless, oxygen-thieving pustules that most of the media still enjoys shoving down our throats when, in a smarter society, they should’ve been no more than a mere blip on the radar back in 2011. (If that was the case, imagine all the over-filtered, duck-lipped selfies from insecure young women this world would have never seen.) Instead, not working and being a total Karen to those who make your clearance bin-worthy makeup is worthy of a Vogue cover these days. It’s fitting, however, considering there’s no prestige or value to being on Anna Wintour’s Vogue anymore. Gee, I wonder what killed it off…

That Bitch!!

I haven’t made one of these posts in months, but then again there have been waaaayyy too many bitches that continue to ruin this blasted planet with their self-serving ways that it will take a year to post them all. Why waste time on that shit? And if this post starts to get nonsensical (if it hasn’t already), blame it on The Bitch of the moment: my apartment building’s fire alarm! (Not pictured, of course–the actual one in my studio is about to get kissed by a baseball bat.) It went off at a time when my ass was still in slumber today, but here’s the kicker: it’s the second day in a row that happened. Two days in a row! And I had to work yesterday; you try massaging bodies five times in a day with a brain rattled by interrupted sleep. I made some of my favorite liquid crack to help my tired ass out, but I felt more scatterbrained than Jessica Simpson years ago when she was trying to figure out if it was really chicken or tuna in Chicken Of The Sea. All because of that bitch-ass fire alarm. Or maybe it could be a bitch tenant who triggered that shit. Either way, I hate them all.

Random Nonsense 3/5

It’s International Women’s Month so let’s watch the misogyny on social media (posted by out-of-touch meatsacs) reach new heights! And of course there will be many, many Reddit posts this month on how great men are, how cool this male celebrity is, how amazing the Ukrainian male soldiers fighting against Russian forces are, how awesome some Formula 1 male driver is, and how foolish some girl on social media or female movie/TV character is. Just check the first two pages of this every day and you know I’m not lying. (Spoiler alert: it’s like that every month.)


It’s also March and I’ve entered a blue period…

20220303_160155 2

…with my nails, of course! I actually wanted a shimmery green polish for the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day, but the salon I went to (aka my work, which has a nail place where I can get gel manicures for cheap) didn’t have such a polish. They did have this oh-so purdy sky blue polish, however, and that shimmah sold me.

Speaking of my hands, I think I may have found a cream that is the whip to tame the mad beast that is my shitty hand eczema: THIS! I have the O’Keefe’s version and it works fine, but Target’s version is nicer and cheaper! Here’s hoping for no more flare-ups and crocodile skin.


Thanks to the 31 greedy-ass, real-life Mr. Burnses aka the MLB commissioner and 30 owners of all 30 MLB teams, it looks like there won’t be any baseball for a while. All together now: BOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Greedy fucks with ugly mugs worthy of many bitchslaps, the whole lot of them.

Guess it’s gonna be another round of watching old baseball games (especially the ones where the Dodgers lose), the Baseball doc on PBS, that Simpsons Softball episode, and this gem that came from the 1994 lockout:


Another thing to BOOOO: the Dollar Tree. Or should I say, the $1.25 Tree. It doesn’t have the same ring to it, but why must my Nordstrom raise its prices?! Look, I’ve bought many things there, and I can assure you that they’re all truly worth a dollar. And have you seen the books and DVDs they sell there?! They’re worth less than lint.


One thing not worthy of boos: thrift stores! I did some thrift store shopping yesterday. Yours truly has dropped a pant size since going low-carb and I needed some new clothes. Not a lot, though–I’m still not at the size I want to be just yet. While at this thrift store, I remembered I also needed some sporty shoes, since I’ve been doing a lot more walking & hiking lately. I found a like-new pair of Saucony’s for $10, and they feel just as good as Nike shoes (of which I’ve owned plenty of).


Mask mandates have been dropped pretty much everywhere in my state and while some can cheer for things “returning to normal” *snort*, I see allergy season right around the corner, and as an allergy sufferer who still cannot with strangers since I don’t know if they’ve been vaccinated or not, well.


It’s one thing if makeup and skincare heads on social media hype up stuff like some overrated lip product to where it’s sold out in all Sephoras. But if they start to hype up First Aid Beauty’s Ultra Repair Cream or my new favorite cream for my hand eczema to where it’s all sold out for months everywhere, I. Will. RAISE. HELL!!!