Get Out And Vote

Primaries are happening and they’re just as important as the Midterms and General Elections so you betta vote! Otherwise, apathy may get candidates like this in office: 

20220521_125553 copy

She may be a couple steps up from Orange Hitler and more honest than 98 percent of all politicians. Still, you can’t trust someone who’s unaware of the irony of it all. She might as well wear a Politicians Suck shirt while campaigning to be a politician and ruin our state. And, yes, that ad is real! I guess leaving that space blank didn’t cross the minds of those who were making the Primary Election booklets.


One Sign, One Song

This weekend I rallied for women’s abortion rights, didn’t get much sleep, worked a long day at the spa again, and did my laundry and cleaned my floors after working said long day at the spa so I can have another lazy Monday. But all I want to do is share the following two things:


This superb sign from the Oakland Bans Off Our Bodies rally. I also got to see the mayor of Oakland speak, some women dressed as handmaidens from The Handmaid’s Tale (it’s not a pro-choice rally without it these days), some cute dogs, and a homeless but harmless drunk sitting with the crowd talking to himself while speakers shared their abortion stories.

My song of the week:

Why this jam? Yours Busy-as-hell will get to be lazy as hell till next Tuesday, for I’ll be taking a break from work starting today. I’m on Spring Break, bitches!

Off To Protest

Thirty years ago, I worried over getting head lice and missing the latest episode of Clarissa Explains It All.

Twenty years ago, I worried over Finals, which college to go to, and missing the latest episode of Buffy.

Ten years ago, I worried over doing well at my first massage job (that I would eventually quit) and missing the latest episode of Drag Race (dat season 4 brought the drama).

Never during these times did I worry over my reproductive rights being threatened to where a rotted corpse gets better government treatment than I do.

You think that in the year 2022, I should be worrying about flying cars being safe to use and which chrome-plated dress I should wear to the club where I’d get to dance with robots. Instead, I’m worrying over losing my right to an abortion if I needed one because some ass-backwards, out-of-touch, Bible-thumping cuntbeasts in the Supreme Court want to take us back to 1822. Since wishes don’t really come true (including mines of, among my many other wishes, getting rid of all the conservative scabs some people call justices), I’ll be doing the next best thing later today: attending my local Women’s March to support the fight in keeping Roe v. Wade the law of the land!

Why didn’t I think of that for my protest sign?!

Because A Little Joy Is Better Than None

My ass needed some cheering up (before the next bit of awful news hits, which you know will be, oh, a few minutes after this gets posted), and this tweet didn’t disappoint!

I gotta remember that comeback in case I get one of those creeps! I got it from this subReddit, which also has this post that MUST be read (especially for those in shitty, abusive relationships).

In actual uplifting news: a rape-supporting trash cunt lost his race to a woman (who also flipped the traditionally-red district blue) in Michigan. Ah, the sweet smell of poetic justice in the morning.

An item I bought on just a couple days ago is now sold out, and if you have to guess what the item was about…(although you can side-eye me for not owning it already) And, yes, I’ll be wearing that pin with pride!

Finally, I wish this declaration was the case for this blasted nation. Nonetheless, here’s reason #64295 why my state rules:

Cali may not be perfect, but it’s a fuck-ton a lot better than some states. *side-eyes all the South*

I can list more cheer-me-ups, but my low-carb chicken and steak enchiladas (that I made specially for this Cinco De Mayo and, yes, they turned out well) is calling me.

Fight Now

fight NOW

What else needs to be said? Aside from a “thank you, Mary” over knowing that she didn’t inherit all the awful shit associated with that name.

If you’re tired of moping over this country’s descent into Gilead, take action:

Donate, donate, donate.

Take a stand and rally. (If I wasn’t working today, I’d be at my nearest march, no questions asked.)

Give assistance if you’re able (one of the very few times Reddit is useful)

And, of course, get out and vote all the woman-hating assholes up for re-election out of office this Midterms (while we still have the right to)!

Tweet from WPT

A Couple Shout-Outs

The first is to all those who voted Blue in 2020, especially to those in Georgia. For without them we would not have an actual qualified judge voted into the Supreme Court, and we wouldn’t have had this moment of success (for what’s left of this country’s democracy), salt overflow (from the GQP Senators who walked out), and shade (from Chuck Schumer in the end):

Continue to vote Blue in 2022, people!

The second is to that cashier at Target yesterday. I normally use self-checkout, but this Target closed them off. Dude took a while in opening another register when only one was open (naturally, during closing time), but when he rang up my stuff, I had to correct him on the price of a couple of food items that were on sale. I told him the sale price per pound, but he ended up ringing up the items at the sale price for the whole package instead. What was supposed to be $2 per pound of meat ended up being $2 for the whole thing. I got four-plus pounds of meat for $4! This is one of the very rare times I’m glad I had a cashier ring up my stuff instead of using my preferred choice of self-checkout (which I could’ve done but this Target closed them off).

The next time I find some meat on sale and I see that cashier guy again, I’ll know what to do!