Hump Day Poetry

I’ve been busy with stuff both fun (shopping Sephora’s semi-annual sale, getting big money tips from work) and unfun (working long days, tax crap, PMS) that it took me till today to remember that April is also National Poetry Month. Speaking of PMS, I tried finding poems to help soothe the savage beast in me. But I guess the PMS is hitting hard this time around because most of the so-called “rude” and “naughty” poems I saw were as lame as a visible zipper on the back of an otherwise pretty dress. (I hate seeing that shit on clothes!) I read this poem about a “bad girl”, which starts off with her knowing she’s a baddie but then wants to be “helped” from her bad self in the end. Puh-fucking-lease. (Also, who’s the guy who wrote that?!) Real bad girls never ask to be rescued from their badness, honey. Well, guess I got another poem to write up.

In the meantime, enjoy these poetic picks of mine!

Side note: I’ve long admired the work of Sharon Olds since I picked up “Strike Sparks” back in college.

Mmmm, prurience from the Renaissance!

And, because I need my Dorothy Parker fix…

Happy California Day!

Bow down to the bestest state in the union today! I was gonna post a California song here, but not only are there plenty of cool songs on mah birthstate, this show somehow popped into my head and it needed to be posted here.

California’s Gold! I used to watch this and Road Trip with Mr. California himself Huell Howser (RIP) on PBS years ago. Fitting that the video spotlights a California native enjoyed almost everywhere in the States: See’s Candies! (Which I can’t have for now because. *pouts*)

Pic courtesy of Etsy

A Gorgeous And Poetic Start

Screen Shot 2021-04-01 at 12.19.40 AM

No April Fools joke–that April 2021 cover of UK Vogue is giving me LIFE. (There are three other covers for their April issue, all of them equally vibrant.) That’s the magic of Meisel, who shot the covers and is giving me 1960s-era Avedon vibes with the image. Also, OMG a smiling woman with life in her eyes on the cover! Bored faces and drowsy eyes be damned! Why US Vogue isn’t fashun as their UK sister is not a mystery: that out-of-touch fossil Anna Wintour is still its cryptkeeper-in-chief. 

It’s also the start of the baseball season and National Poetry Month. I’d post a baseball poem, but they all bored me and these lines from the OG Queen of Quip Dorothy Parker was hard to pass up. 

That’s right! 


Yaaasss Amanda

I didn’t watch the inauguration ceremonies live today because this night owl woke up late, as I always do on my days-off from work. (Blasted east coast time!) In between catching up on the inauguration stories and celebrating the birfday of Dwight Schrute, I saw headlines on Amanda Gorman, who happens to be the youngest poet to perform at an inauguration. I read her poem in full. Then I watched her recital. And my wig was snatched in the end. I heard J-Lo performed after her, but she should’ve gone home after that and continued arguing with people on social media about how legit her face and skincare products are (*snorts*), because Amanda set the bar high with that poem and recital that Maya Angelou would have approved. 

Just reading the text is not enough. Watch the video instead. Miss Amanda has this poetry geek swooning!

Happy Haiku Day!

Late night writing shit

Playing jazz in the background

This is how I work


Staying home all day

Gets me stir-crazy so when

can we live again?


The ‘Rona scares me

Can’t get tested unless rich

Fuck this injustice


All these new gender

identities confuse me

Just call me a slut


(And speaking of…)

Honest sluts–better

than insufferable, two-

faced, try-hard bitches.


I can go on and

write more haikus; they’re like beer–

simple and easy!


Poetry Rules

It’s National Poetry Month this month, and fitting that today would’ve been also the birthday of the legendary poet, writer, and literary icon Maya Angelou! To celebrate, here are a few of my favorite poems of hers.

I can’t paste an image of it here, but “On The Pulse Of Morning”–the poem she recited during Clinton’s 1993 Inauguration–is poetry heaven.

And, THE poem we need to read every day to get us through these crazy AF times.