The Very Last Hurdle

***NOTE: this was supposed to have been posted yesterday but I forgot to switch the visibility from “Private” to “Public”. Derp. 

When you’re all ready to self-publish your first-ever book and then you read about ISBN numbers and that it’s actually better to buy them instead of getting a free one from eBook publishing sites, but then you see the costs of getting them and, of course, your budget happens to be tight right now…


For me, I’d rather be the publisher of my work instead of that blasted rainforest or any other company. What’s the point of self-publishing if you’re gonna allow another company be listed as the publisher, after all the hard work you’ve put into your book?

Well, guess I better dust off the hooker wear.

The Withdrawal

Me after going without two of my vices, crunchy foods and weed, for 15 days because of my wisdom teeth yoinking:

it's day 15!!

Oh jiminy criminy, it blows to go without those two for so long. I actually can do without weed for a bit (shocker, I know), but I feel like I need to reward myself with a little toke for resisting the urge to stuff my mouth with some greasy chips all this time. I got advised by my oral surgeon doctor dude to refrain from crunchy foods and anything that would cause dry mouth (like weed *sobs*) for at least a month after my surgery. Normally, I like to bend some rules, but I also read about dry socket and, like me whenever I see candy corn or edamame anything, I’m all, “not in my mouth!” I can’t be kept away from my cereal, though. I let it get soggy before I eat it, so ha!

Farewell My Wisdom Teeth

Screen Shot 2021-09-07 at 1.45.21 AM

In less than ten hours, I’ll be having my wisdom teeth yoinked out of my mouth, and I’m likely to be out of it the rest of today. You best believe I stuffed myself for dinner like I was training for the Eating Olympics (which is also how I normally eat), because I also have to fast for this shit, and then switch to cold baby food for the next week or so. I also have to abstain from all my crispy, chewy, and spicy foods for a little while. But at least I never had to sell my nudes to finance this surgery! 

Also, um…as soon as as as possible possible?! 

It’s That Time Again (Pt. 2)

When it’s Hero Parent Worship Season and you’re bombarded by Happy Mother’s/Father’s Day stuff, but you don’t have a mom or dad deserving of those things and some ingrates still think you’re the reason why you had bad parents…

All won’t be lost, in my case. I’ll just honor my friends who happen to be moms and dads. It’s the best I can do.

I posted this link last year, but this subReddit (if any of you need support) knows where I’m coming from. 

**UPDATED 5/8/22: I had to edit out the link to that now lame subReddit. Among other reasons, I heard some stories there got made up for useless online karma points. *smdh*