My Kind Of Eye Bleach

After straining my eyes from digging up all those links in my last rant, looking at my bank account to see if I got my stimulus payment (which I did not), and seeing more posts on despicable violence against Asians (just…why?) and another mention of my state governor being “recalled” (it’s not gonna happen, idiots), I need eye bleach. Some turn to adorable animals, but I’m feeling for vintage HIGH GLAMOUR. Enter the work of Mario Casilli!

It’s currently a cool 61 degrees where I live, and these images alone have me fanning myself. I LIVE for that campy 80s glamour, and Casilli captured it brilliantly.

All pics courtesy of this site that will bombard you with captures of vintage fabulousness. 

Now That’s How You Cheer Me Up

It’s Monday, the Winter solstice, cold AF and foggy outside, and PMS is knocking on my door. But none of that can bring me down, for these vintage pics of Susan Lucci (living out a Jackie Collins fever dream) and latex Madame Mary Tyler Moore (with Dick Van Dyke) are serving me fun and fantasy!

Screen Shot 2020-12-21 at 9.29.48 PM

Pics from Vanity Fair, December 1995 issue, courtesy of this site that I stumbled onto today