The Travel Slut Diaries: Return To Living (Pt. 1)

The last time I went out-of-town for a vacay was back in late October 2019, at the time of my birthday. I had plans on where to go for next year’s birthday, and then some thing called Covid happened and took those plans and ruined them like they were human lungs. Sure, I could’ve made like an attention-starved celebrity and traveled and partied during the worst of the pandemic last year. But not only could I not afford a trip then (all my money went to boring-ass bills), I wasn’t that much of a selfish asshole to take a trip. (I’m not gonna fix that part, either.) 

It’s now April May 2021. (I wrote most of this over a week ago but didn’t finish until now.) I’m fully vaccinated and can feel the 5G flow through me, and that stimulus check helped put a little more change in my pocket. What’s a chick with some extra money to do? OK, some of it went to Sephora’s semi-annual sale a few weeks ago, but I had to nurture the travel slut in me that itched to getaway again. I took a week off from work and the beaches of Santa Cruz were calling me. 

IMG_20210421_190100830 copy

Although I don’t know why they called me this time of the year. Much like SF in the summer, it was cold and cloudy. And, of course, the boardwalk was closed. It’s weird to see all those rides and the arcades shuttered. Couple that with the weather and it was not the most lively picture. But I still made the most of my Santa Cruz visit. I wanted to; I haven’t been there in *checks photo archive* four years?!?!

IMG_20210421_190246703 copy

Who needs thrill rides when you can have a beach party with seagulls instead?


lightpole (copy)

Out on the wharf. Above is the farthest out you can get on the wharf. 


Feisty sea lions! (Excuse the quality of some of these pics. The camera on my cell phone is no Leica.)


The boardwalk from the wharf after sunset. 

Not pictured (since I didn’t take any pics of the following): downtown SC, Roux Dat Cajun Creole in downtown where I bought my lunch and dinner (their jambalaya is the tits), and the weed shop where I got a great deal for some edibles. 

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Getaway Manicure

Screen Shot 2021-04-20 at 1.28.57 PM

I may be leaving home for a few days, but I still like to keep my nails looking purdy like today’s birthday delicate blossom Carmen Electra. OK, maybe almost as purdy as her. (Side note: UNF at 90s-era Carmen.) For this manicure, I stuck with good ol’ Zoya, using Maryann (the hot pink) and Faye (the metallic purple-gold duochrome). Base coat is my tried-and-true Pacifica Clear Base Coat (the old version that’s being discontinued *sobs*) and the top coat is some L’Oreal gel formula I got for $3 at TJ Maxx that actually prolongs my polish. I’m ready to dazzle Santa Cruz with my nails! (Or probably not because my hands will be in my pockets the whole time since the weather is going to be cold there.)

Finally, I Unwind

This is the only news you need to know today, as it involves me: I got a week off from work. It’s actually nine days I have off, since I start my work week on Thursdays. But this break is looooooong overdue! How? I haven’t taken a decent break off from work since I started the temp job a year ago. I may have taken a day or two off from it, but nothing like this break that starts today. Just a year ago, I was working long hours for 4-5 days a week. Now, yours slutty gets a spring break! 

Well, without the big party crowds and tit-flashing to strangers. And what’s the first thing I’ll be doing on my spring break? Going to the dentist. For reals–I got an appointment in less than 12 hours. 

Also, since I’m fully vaccinated and I got some extra change in my pocket (thank you, stimulus check), I get to be a travel slut in real time again! I’m not going far–just a little drive down to Santa Cruz in a couple of days. Don’t worry, I got my mask, I’ll be keeping my distance from others, and I’ll only be ordering food to-go. (As long as bitch-ass Covid and bitch-ass Covid-deniers still exist, I’ll still be leery over eating indoors.) I welcome back the grind of packing for a trip! 

I Like Moneys

In honor of my stimulus dollahs finally arriving today…


Yes, I do have to use some of it to pay my tax preparers, but then I get a second stimulus from the state after I file my taxes, which more than makes up for what I’m paying. And, yeah, I’m showing my annual income here, but I no care. Squeeeeeeeee

And On Tuesday I Say…

…as of 2:15PM my time, I’M FULLY VACCINATED!!

Those two weeks of waiting for the Covid vaccine to fully kick in got me kind of anxious, though. Like, worrying if the wind would blow a new strain of The Rona onto me on the off-chance I had my mask off while taking a walk outside, thus ruining me and the vaccine’s efficiency. (For the record, I take the mask off when there’s no one nearby.) But now that I’m fully protected (or so the CDC says), I am so gonna live it up like a validation-starved influencer and get my free donut at Krispy Kreme! (What, did you expect me to go party in crowds again?) Fuck yeah, living! 

Rainbows and Dollahs


I got my second Covid shot yesterday, and while I don’t feel sick, I’m stricken with a sore arm, lethargy, and a slight case of brain fog (yes, I have a brain). How I have the energy to write all this up is kind of a miracle, in a way. It feels like I’m on the rag, but without the blood and erratic mood swings. The dreary, cold & wet weather we had earlier today didn’t help causes, but when things started to clear up, I did get this purdy rainbow sighting from my apartment!

Also in today’s news, I received a $150 gift card from this market research study I did last week. I’m rich again, biatches!

(Mis)Adventures In The Laundromat


After the last two weeks, I just have one request. Actually, I have many requests, and one of them is: no more bullshit in the apartment laundromat, please!

Last Monday, the app I use to power the machines (our laundromat gets funded by PayRange as well as old-fashioned quarters) went down for over an hour. So I had to use coins, borrowed from my property manager whose office is next to the laundromat because I don’t have any quarters. My wait was longer than expected because I live with some lazy asses who like to leave their clothes in the washer long after the machine is finished. All five washers were “occupied” thanks to these lazy asses. Have some of these buffoons ever heard of a timer? It took one of them to gain a bit of energy to get out of their unit and move their clothes to the dryer, finally giving me a washer to use. Except I needed another washer. I usually use two washers (and dryers) whenever I do laundry. (I wash clothes and bedsheets/towels every week.) I complained to the property manager about the other “occupied” washers, and she ended up taking out clothes from one washer to help me out. (For the record, this happens when one tenant leaves their clothes in a machine for so long.) I can knock out doing my laundry in under a couple hours. That day, after the whole waiting and broken app ordeal, it took over four hours to get all my shit done. 

Then there was today, and, once again, I dealt with the lazy asses leaving their clothes in the machine long after they’ve been washed. And, because of that, all the washing machines were all taken. Again! That laundry app was working this time, but the waiting part still suuuuuuucks. (I also waited for two no-maskers in the laundromat to amscray outta there.) Yes, I’m that bitch who wants to get things done, completing laundry day right away included. I’d love to have a washer & dryer in my unit, and I’m sure seeing the PG&E bill from that will be as appealing as seeing Mom jeans being brought back in “style”. Plus, tiny studio and all. 

So, if the laundromat gods can hear me, I request that next week will be bullshit-free in the laundry! And the next week and the next week, and the next week…Or, better yet, laundromat gods, just give me a cool two million so I can move into my own little home (we’re talking Bay Area real estate here) and have my own washer and dryer and I don’t have to deal with lazy asses or no-mask fools around me. There, problem solved. 



My Cousin Rules

Thirty years ago this month, my six-year-old self almost met the Grim Reaper by accidentally falling into the deep end of a pool while on a family vacation in the Philippines. I didn’t know how to swim then. And thanks to that near-death moment, which rendered me a total wuss-ass around deep ends of pools and other bodies of water, I still don’t know how to swim. (I’ll take swim classes one day, I swear.) But you can thank my cousin Sunny for saving me. I guess she saved me right away because I do remember not having to be hospitalized or experiencing anything serious after. Sunny still lives in the Philippines, and if she ever reads this post, I just want to say once again…



Even More Good News

My regular job is in massage therapy. I’ve been a state-certified MT for almost ten years (it will be ten years this summer), although I don’t know if last year counts towards experience. Then, I only worked for two-and-a-half months rubbing bodies (professionally, now!) before bitch-ass Covid shut down my industry and drove me to take up a temp job. I thought that since I did essential work, my kind would be one of the first to get the Covid vaccine. Then guidelines changed and us essential workers gotta wait (while sulking and bitching about it–oh, wait, that’s just me). Then, because I have the luck of being the last to know important things, I found out today, er, yesterday from my state massage board that they were able to have MTs be seen as healthcare providers (we’re seen as “Alternative Medical Practitioners”), thus allowing us AMPs to get the vaccine right now! Now I realize the importance of opening emails from the CAMTC. In my defense, they’re boring most of the time. 

Booking an appointment was tough at first, but, unexpectedly, my regular health care provider came through and hooked me up for an appointment next week. My mood right now: 

This will be the first time ever that I look forward to getting jabbed!