Definition Of Legendary

The first black actor to win a Best Actor Oscar and be a major box-office draw. The undeniable talent and handsomeness. That bitchslap felt ’round the world! The Defiant Ones, A Raisin In The Sun, Lillies Of The Field, Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner, In The Heat Of The Night, To Sir With Love. A trailblazer, a recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom (before it got tainted), a famed battler against Mecha Streisand, and an icon and star in the truest sense. Sidney Poitier was all of it. Farewell and rest in utmost peace, Mr. Tibbs. 

Pic courtesy of NPR

Viva Sophia

There’s no better cure for a case of the Mondays than a heaping serving of glamour and sensuality. (Staying home and not having to work is also another remedy, of course.) And nobody embodies both better than today’s birthday goddess, the legendary Sophia Loren!

Three decades after that movie, La Loren still rocked it in 1994’s Ready To Wear. She was in her sixties in that movie! I’ll be lucky if I look a third fifth tenth good as her when I reach my sixties.

Also, Ready To Wear is a must-watch for all the 90s fashion heads (like moi).

Happy Kylie Day!

It’s the start of a holiday weekend, and, more importantly, the born day of THE One And Only Kylie Minogue! In honor of the red-blooded woman raining glitter onto the world for the 53rd year, here are a few of my most-played songs of hers to date! Some of them may not be her most popular hits, but they’re still gems that deserve a listen. 

The beat to this track is everything. Also, her self-titled album from 1994 is shamefully slept on and needs to be heard! 

Three words: those hot pants. 

I’ve always preferred the longer version of this jam over its shortened original. But, oooh, its video…and that dress she’s wearing at the 2:51 mark! 


The original has always been one of my Kylie bops, but it has gotten less airplay ever since I discovered this slick remix, remade by 90s DJ legend David Morales (who also turned a few Mariah songs from the 90s into dance hits). 

My Goddess



Screen Shot 2021-05-24 at 2.02.48 AM

HOW DARE I miss the should-be-an international holiday that is Dame Joan Collins‘ birthday yesterday! Yes I deserve a bitch slap (from Joan only, though–the rest of yous can only dream), but maybe if I had, oh, a few hundred million dollars, I wouldn’t have to work on Sunday or any day and I would’ve had time to celebrate my goddess’ birthday! How? I’d watch all seasons of Dynasty (for the 5384th time) while enjoying only the finest champagne, caviar, and Snickers in my best campy attire. But it’s never too late to celebrate, and Mondays can always use a heaping serving of 80s power bitch glamour courtesy of the one true Alexis Carrington (sorry Nicolette Sheridan). 


Viva La Cher

And now for something that’s not trash at all. In honor of icon of all things legendary Cher, who recently celebrated her 75th birthday this week, here’s my one Cher moment. From November 2018 in Las Vegas! (I had my 34th b-day in Vegas, and I’ll write about all dat in another entry one day.) This might as well be another entry for my Travel Slut Diaries, since I did some traveling to get to her show.


At The Park Theater, Monte Carlo Hotel in Vegas. 

I initially didn’t plan on going to a show of hers, and I thought Vegas shows featuring an iconic performer would cost me an arm, leg, an eyeball, and one buttcheek for nosebleed seats. Then I found out that tickets to a Friday night show of hers were discounted! I forgot how much, but they were affordable for me to get me a seat and finally bask in the iconicness that is Cher! 


The view from my seat, which, IIRC, were aisle seats in the upper level. I always make an effort to get aisle seats in a show or game. No scooting my butt in front of strangers to sit down. 


And the legend herself, in her opening number! Sure, her wig there looks like a tuft of Gritty’s pubes, but she still got it! I forgot what song she performed here, and I will say that she sang live…99% of the time. She allowed a bit of pre-recorded vocals during “Believe”, but it didn’t really bother me and it was just that one song. There was also a moment where she shared some story to the audience, and, IIRC, at the end of it, she mentioned doing her Vegas shows at her age, and then quipped, “so what’s your grandma doing?” The packed house roared from that. 

Some of my favorite captures from her show:

DSC01170 copy

One of the few times she danced!

DSC01175 copy

Going back to her Sonny & Cher roots. 


Entering her House of Burlesque…


She got gams! 


The wigs were out in full force that night! And…and is that a pastie I see on her?! 


Yep, she performed “If I Could Turn Back Time” in the exact same getup from her video and she pretty much looks the same as she did then. Now, if I were Cher’s age and I tried wearing something I wore from 30 years ago, it would be a felony because I’d be making people lose their eyesight and appetite.  

Just as impressive as Cher still kicking ass at 500 is my then-five-year-old Sony Cybershot camera (which is also 500 in tech world years and I still use it today), which captured all the images in this post! 


Farewell, Hammerin’ Hank

I know I’m over a day late in this (I had to deal with some unexpected shit yesterday when the news broke), but better late than never when it comes to paying respects to Hall of Famer, baseball/sports legend, and civil rights advocate Hank Aaron.

Ryan S. Clark of The Athletic and his take on Aaron’s career and legacy is miles better than what I would’ve said (because, I’ll admit, I haven’t fully followed his story outside his home run milestone):

…Many of us never saw Aaron hit a home run in person. We did not need to see that to fully appreciate and understand his legacy. Aaron was a Black man who made people feel threatened as he closed in on surpassing the shiny piece of Americana who was Babe Ruth as the greatest to ever hit a baseball over a fence. It all comes back to the fact that Aaron was unfairly vilified for simply living and working while Black, something that still goes on today…

…Hank Aaron had to be perfect. He had to do everything right with the idea that for some, he’d still be in the wrong. Even with that, there was a regality to his approach. It was knowing he always had to be “on” even when he had every right to not be. Yes, we celebrate the records and winning, but it was his dignity that made him so inspiring…You think, “He dealt with so much worse and did it with strength. Why can’t I?”…

Keep hammering those homers in heaven, Hank! You will be sorely missed.