Happy Kylie Weekend!

For this holiday weekend, let us all do the locomotion under raining glitter in honor of the Impossible Princess who’s had us spinning around with fever over the past 30+ years, today’s birthday queen Kylie Minogue!!!!! We should be so lucky to have this modern-day Aphrodite in our timeline, for her music that we can’t get out of our heads, showgirl style, and golden personality has us all wanting more more more.

Now get outta my way ’cause I wanna hit the dancefloor with these tunes.

Protect My Goddess!

Screen Shot 2022-03-22 at 11.21.24 PM

More proof that we’re still in a shitty pandemic: that Covid bitch had to mess with my pop goddess! And what sucks just as much is that I didn’t hear of this until five days after this post. I know, I’m not on Twitter but this should’ve been news here–oh, that’s right, I live in ‘Murica. Where our “entertainment news” would rather force-feed us crap on some secondary reality show no-talent who happens to share a name with Minogue, while the REAL Kylie (with all due respect to Kylie Sonique Love and Kylie Travis of Models Inc. fame) gets foolishly ignored.

Anyhoo, assuming Kylie hasn’t gotten over Covid yet, I hope she’s feeling better and that she gets well soon. And, once this pandemic is over, plans a tour in the US, pretty please?

Get Drunk On Kylie

Screen Shot 2022-02-11 at 8.44.16 PM

This may be a shocker, but I’m not a big wine person. That said, leave it to my goddess to tempt me to become one (as long as the nectar is super low/no-carb). And I like how she called it “Kylie Wines” and marketing it to us Kylie heads in the States. The name may confuse the tabloid-reading airheads here, but who cares. Now if only Miss Minogue herself can come back to the States (particularly the Bay Area) for a long-overdue tour!

Kylie To The Rescue Yet Again

I needed a pick-me-up, and my queen comes thru again!

Once in a while, a real interesting headline gets posted on Reddit. While I’ve seen this story before, like pictures of cats, I never get tired of seeing it. One user posted a link to the video below. I never saw this vintage lingerie ad of Kylie’s before, and all I can say is WOW! 

And just like that, No Nut November became instantly cancelled and ruined by the many men that watched this. 



Happy Kylie Day!

It’s the start of a holiday weekend, and, more importantly, the born day of THE One And Only Kylie Minogue! In honor of the red-blooded woman raining glitter onto the world for the 53rd year, here are a few of my most-played songs of hers to date! Some of them may not be her most popular hits, but they’re still gems that deserve a listen. 

The beat to this track is everything. Also, her self-titled album from 1994 is shamefully slept on and needs to be heard! 

Three words: those hot pants. 

I’ve always preferred the longer version of this jam over its shortened original. But, oooh, its video…and that dress she’s wearing at the 2:51 mark! 


The original has always been one of my Kylie bops, but it has gotten less airplay ever since I discovered this slick remix, remade by 90s DJ legend David Morales (who also turned a few Mariah songs from the 90s into dance hits). 

That Just Means I Have Impeccable Taste

Me whenever I’m reading some post on beauty/skincare products and the name “Kylie” gets mentioned often (without a last name, I should add) and this is who pops in my head:

I’m all, did one of my queens also release some skincare stuff? For all I care, she could put out a chocolate-scented glitter facial mask and all it would do is leave my face a sparkling mess and smelling like a Hershey’s morsel, and I’d still buy those masks by the dozen because that’s how I’d support the REAL Kylie!

Kylie To The Rescue!

sparkly kylie

For those who need to be rescued from more sad news and unnecessary daily updates on useless oxygen thieves (hello, Kartrashians), here’s a feast for your eyes and ears courtesy of Kylie the Glittery Shiny Colorful Heavenly Rapturous Disco Glam Goddess!! If your computer or phone shuts down midway from playing the jam below, don’t fret. Modern technology, for all its bells and whistles, is not yet equipped to handle the immense fabulousness that typically radiates from a Kylie video.

Pic and video courtesy of The Guardian