And On Tuesday I Say…

…as of 2:15PM my time, I’M FULLY VACCINATED!!

Those two weeks of waiting for the Covid vaccine to fully kick in got me kind of anxious, though. Like, worrying if the wind would blow a new strain of The Rona onto me on the off-chance I had my mask off while taking a walk outside, thus ruining me and the vaccine’s efficiency. (For the record, I take the mask off when there’s no one nearby.) But now that I’m fully protected (or so the CDC says), I am so gonna live it up like a validation-starved influencer and get my free donut at Krispy Kreme! (What, did you expect me to go party in crowds again?) Fuck yeah, living! 

The Message!

great sign

As an Asian-American, I’m proud to see my fellow Asian-Americans (and other nationalities) stand up to the ongoing racism and brutality against Asian communities in the Bay Area and beyond! (I wasn’t able to be at those protests, however, since I work weekends, but I was there in spirit.)

This site also provides many ways on how to help Asian-American communities. I also must share this feel-good story on how a multiracial activist group is helping out the Bay Area Asian community. (And if you wanna get around that damn “disable your ad-blocker” message from that site, Archive.Fo is your friend.)

Pic courtesy of (of course) Reddit 

And It’s Finally Complete

Guess who finally finished editing her first novel?

Since I’m fussy like dat, I do need to reread the whole thing for the umpteenth time to make sure it all looks good. But the editing part is done. Months and months of editing and I’m finally finished and I can now work on getting it formatted into an eBook (I plan on self-publishing this) and also start working on my next story. Yaasss. 


And it is official.

The news dropped right when I had to go to work so I know I’m the very last person on earth to celebrate this. Right now, all the congrats to Biden, to Harris, their families and friends, and to all who campaigned and voted for them. And special thanks to those who volunteered to work during this election (even the ones taking a little while counting the ballots).


I’m Not Nervous, I’m Not Nervous*

*And by that I mean my nerves are through the damn roof and it’s only 90 minutes into Judgement Day, I mean Election Day. I cannot be the only one who believes that this country will be a different place 24 hours from now, no matter the outcome. I have my hopes but the tension is there. And I loathe that what’s supposed to be a nonviolent civil moment in our nation has turned into some of us fearing a pending brutal post-election clash between those who value human rights and democracy, and scum of the earth aka hypocritical, racist, domestic terrorist rotten asswipes. (I call it like I see it.)

I have help, though. Got my weed on standby, unfinished seasons of The Simpsons, ANTM, and Spongebob Squarepants (judge away) I haven’t watched, and I can always look to tweets like the one below for some laffs.

old nazi stuff

tweet came from here

And for those who still haven’t voted yet (and received their ballot a month ago, I should add; those who received their ballot late get a pass), I’ll side-eye you for taking so long to make up your mind later. VOTE!

Get Out And Vote

It’s a week till Election Day, and if this meemaw who has now lived through two pandemics and has seen everything in her life can vote in person, you (assuming you haven’t voted yet) can too! No excuses this time! For those who have to stand in line, the wait will be worth it!

old lady votes

Tweet from here

Side note: for those in California, it has to be said: fuck those Yes on Prop 22 ads. A Yes vote is simply supporting those big, bitch-ass companies to keep treating their workers like indentured servants. And there’s also this recent mess. Vote No on 22!!

New Month, New Domain!

It’s October!!! My favorite month of the year! Why? My birthday is this month, for one (although y’all have to wait till the end of the month to send birthday wishes). And, when there are no fires *snorts* Bay Area weather is the best in October. 

Also, guess who upgraded her blog? Yep, I did! There aren’t any obvious changes yet (except for one thing) since I haven’t had time to toy with the new features. I just bought the plan over an hour ago. Kudos to that flash sale email I got yesterday that gave me 50% off a plan. Now I can spew the same ol’ nonsense…under the domain name I’ve always wanted!! Squeeeeeee! 

I said this the beginning of September but that went to the crapper, so let’s try this again for October: may this month not suck as much as last month. Also, if the Grim Reaper gotta make some famous selections, may it only take the evil asswipes for a change. 

Listen to the GIFs

It’s National Voter Registration Day today, so for those who of legal age to vote but aren’t registered, get to it! And for those who are registered, you can check your status here

Also, this dude here looks like former Giants player (and forever Giants legend) Pablo Sandoval if he was filmed at some underground rave with a janky camcorder complete with high-end technology from 1989. 

Kiss My Sass!

I gone and done it: I changed my domain name! Long live I already had the new name ready, but when I finally had time to make the switch, “kissmysass” was taken. (Booooo!) So I added something to it and it worked.

Why that name? Oh, kiss my sass, that’s why. I like the sound of it and I know I’ve shown sass in some most of my posts. Why run from the truth? I also have plans in the near future to start another blog that focuses solely on my work. Separate that from all the nonsense I’ve spewed here. I’d like to host that on WP but I would like to check out my other blogging options.

As for my pen name…I’m still mulling over that. I know I said I wanted to drop “Sage Leone”, but I’ve been rethinking that decision and that nom de plume is *gasp* appealing to me again. So if any of yous dare try to snatch that name away from me…ah well, I’ll come up with something else.

In the meantime, I’m gonna enjoy that new site address smell while it’s still fresh.