Finally, I Unwind

This is the only news you need to know today, as it involves me: I got a week off from work. It’s actually nine days I have off, since I start my work week on Thursdays. But this break is looooooong overdue! How? I haven’t taken a decent break off from work since I started the temp job a year ago. I may have taken a day or two off from it, but nothing like this break that starts today. Just a year ago, I was working long hours for 4-5 days a week. Now, yours slutty gets a spring break! 

Well, without the big party crowds and tit-flashing to strangers. And what’s the first thing I’ll be doing on my spring break? Going to the dentist. For reals–I got an appointment in less than 12 hours. 

Also, since I’m fully vaccinated and I got some extra change in my pocket (thank you, stimulus check), I get to be a travel slut in real time again! I’m not going far–just a little drive down to Santa Cruz in a couple of days. Don’t worry, I got my mask, I’ll be keeping my distance from others, and I’ll only be ordering food to-go. (As long as bitch-ass Covid and bitch-ass Covid-deniers still exist, I’ll still be leery over eating indoors.) I welcome back the grind of packing for a trip! 

Happy International Women’s Day

I’m late on this, but I’m doing laundry and cleaning right now. Would’ve done all that yesterday, but my work schedule ran me ragged–for the second Sunday in a row, I should add. No more lazy Mondays for me again. Boooo.

Also, for those who like to know more about the history of IWD, check out this informative article on Vox.

The Monday Tradition

How I celebrated my one-year anniversary in my apartment…

…which I would have posted on the actual anniversary two weeks ago, but I was busy being a merry maid at home. I always clean and do my laundry on Mondays. (Be jelly of the exciting way I start my “weekend” every week.) Except today because work ended early yesterday and I was able to do my laundry and most of the cleaning shit after work. I’ll clean the rest later. I miss having a lazy Monday. 

Happy Monday

That “Bernie Sanders sitting with mittens” meme is getting played out as I type, but this version tickles me! So that’s what got LeBron’s attention in the beginning; he was looking at Benny Sanders!

I’d request for Gritty to get on that meme train while it’s still hot, but he’s more likely to eat his face mask and the mittens (seasoned with hot sauce because this is Gritty we’re talking about here) before continuing to terrorize Penguins fans.

Happy MLK Day

I should have mentioned this last year, but shout-out to my Fourth grade elementary teacher for not only being one of my favorite teachers, but emphasizing MLK Day to us kiddos. She taught us more about MLK than what our history books then told us. Although her having the class recite his “I Have A Dream” speech to our whole school (she broke us up into groups and each group recited a certain part) was kind of nerve-wrecking. I was afraid of messing up my lines.

Anyway, in addition to these things that you can do to celebrate the legacy of Dr. King today, give his “Letter From Birmingham Jail” a read. It means a lot more today. And this tune, that my favorite local jazz station played yesterday while honoring MLK Day, makes for good reading music.

Also, I cannot be the only one bothered by that capital “T” in can’t in the quote pic.

**Update 10:44PM: Yes, I edited out and added some stuff here. I had to.

My Kind of Happy Anniversary Pic!

Screen Shot 2021-01-01 at 11.20.28 PM

A celebrity couple that’s been married for longer than two years is considered an anomaly these days, so leave it to one of my favorite celeb couples (they’re only one of a handful–most celeb couples bore or annoy me), Ice-T and the always demure golden rose Coco, to show everyone how true boobs, I mean, love is done. That pic radiates all the joy and boobs and love and thigh and boobs and, yes, I must talk about Coco’s top. It’s like a knockoff of J-Lo’s infamous Versace dress but cut down to minidress size and more see-through so that the goosebumps on your areolas can also pose for pictures. In short, THE perfect anniversary dress! (What, you expected me to call it tacky? Have you just started reading my blog?)

Congrats to them, and may they have many more boobs, er, years together!