Stupid Stupid Stupid

Probably the stupidest thing I’ve read today! And that’s saying a lot considering I first saw this on Reddit, where there’s always a lot of dumbass crap that gets posted.

Famous anti-vaxxer, flat-earther, savior to the anti-vaxxers, and nutjob extraordinaire Kyrie Irving gets brought back to play, with no mask being worn, in packed arenas where some if not many are going maskless, at a time when Covid cases are rising yet again in the NBA and the general public.

There may be vaccines against Covid (you know, that thing that Irving just cannot with), but there REALLY needs to be vaccines against stupidity, ignorance, and selfishness.

Come on, clown league NBA, backtrack this shit.

***Update 12/18: and sometimes the trash takes itself out LMAO

I’m With Steve

What else needs to be said?

No wonder my Friday sucked so much. (There was more to it than that verdict; the verdict was just the moldy cherry on top of the shit sundae.)

Those Bitches!

A new month, a new batch of bitches for the chopping block. 

Screen Shot 2021-07-02 at 3.16.41 PM

If the fuckery on June 30th didn’t boggle your mind, here’s what us Californians with a brain now have to deal with. This waste-of-time-and-money has been hyped for a year now, started by ass-backward wacko fucks who don’t want to move to another state that would better suit their political and social needs. (I’m sure I’ve seen some of them last fall up on that El Curtola overpass in Lafayette protesting the election results–maskless, naturally–with their signs saying “Bring Back 1776” or some dumbass shit like that.) You know they’re wacko fucks when, despite our governor doing this and this recently and presiding over a state with the country’s top economy, they still want him out. Ask them why and they’ll likely give you a response as coherent as an ill dog taking a dump. Hey, wacko fucks–there are other states you can move to with governors that I’m sure you’ll admire. Some govern states with high Covid rates since they also think the vaccine and pandemic are hoaxes, or/and have crappy energy infrastructure that will really fuck you up when a freezing cold front hits. But I’m sure you’ll never recall them. 

Gah. Idiots!

Screen Shot 2021-07-02 at 3.43.52 PM

I used to not know this guy. In the Mariah way. If I can’t stand your ass, I prefer to not know you. That’s my congenial nature for ya. So while I witnessed the Giants go on a tragic losing streak this week (I wish I didn’t know this), one of my team’s nemesis got revealed as more than just a try-hard douche bitch. Now I know who Bauer is–a disgusting abusive bitch that needs to be locked up! I’m sure newly-freed Pill Cosby sends his regards to him, though. 

Also, those ingrates saying “BDSM” was involved between him and that woman…yeah, it was “BDSM” in the same vein that 50 Shades was.