Sunday Hotness

sid says it's big

I haven’t had any eye candy here in what feels like ages, so here are today’s birthday beings of pure hotness Charlize Theron and Sidney Crosby to make up for it! (I sadly couldn’t find a good full-body GIF of Sid, which is a shame because if you’ve seen his body-ody-ody and dat ass of his…And, yes, I be thirstin’ everyday so don’t be surprised.)

And if you’re wondering what Sid’s talking about in the last GIF…well, I’ll leave it up to your imagination.

Deep Dives Are Hot

For those who have this weekend off, I don’t like you if you’re bored and *insert your vice(s) here* is getting old hat, do what I did last night when I should’ve been coming up with plotlines for my current literary-work-in-progress: read celebrity-influenced deep dives!

A few good reads:

Vanity Fair‘s “When Liz Met Dick”. Still one of my favorite VF articles evah!

Not really a deep dive, but this 1994 piece on Chloe Sevigny from the New Yorker still deserves your undivided attention. No spoilers but she doesn’t like your faves.

Further proof that every psycho’s favorite pirate is a complete abusive asshole. Side note: anyone who’s still “both-sides”-ing that case, even after more receipts proving JD wrong has been released (just read that sub where that link came from), is just foolishly covering up their ignorance and misogyny.

Don’t Mess With Jess: A Two-Part Drama-And-Delusion-Filled Miniseries! Lordt, that story really took me down the rabbit hole!

Finally, for those who loathe those talent-exempt Hobbits as much as I do.

Bonus link to a list of more links to some interesting HoWood articles (which also show that there was a time when celeb profiles were intriguing and not word salad-ridden and PR fluff-filled like the ones you see today)

So much tea, honey!

An Exquisite May Flower

This May, enter the werkroom, get sunburnt, and do the splits glamorously like today’s birthday queen, Katya Zamolodchikova! (Thank goodness for the copy-paste feature.) I was lucky to meet her and get her autograph at LA DragCon years ago, and I hope she’s overcome her past mental struggles. She channels almost every mood of mine, whether it’s aging, being pissed off at some dudes, or feeling horny!

Finding A Balance

Me trying to find a “(Insert name of abusive male celebrity) Is An Awful Abuser” meme in an ocean of “Amber Heard Is An Awful Abuser” memes on a certain anti-woman Heard hellhole of a website…

*sighs* To the terminally-online, video-game addicted, permanent virgins (let’s be real here) known as incels: if you’re gonna live your deranged, misogynistic vengeance fantasies through the Depp-Heard trial and direct your vitriol on Amber to where you want her abused (and who would be the abuser in that case now?), how about mustering up the same outrage to Kevin Spacey, Louis CK, Mel Gibson, Sean Penn, Harvey Weinstein, or Mike Tyson? Why aren’t you wasted creampies doing cliched Spongebob memes on how abusive and shitty those guys are? Oh, wait, I just answered my own question. Guess abusive men memes don’t get as many oh-so valuable online karma points like the anti-Amber ones.

House Party

It’s the first of February, which means not just the start of Black History Month and the Lunar New Year, but the anniversary of me moving into my little apartment! I shall celebrate my 2nd anniversary of living in my studio with a little happy dance…

Although can that underwear guy come over to my studio and do that dance for me?