Glam & Fashion In One GIF

I haven’t done as many Throwback Thursdays as I’ve wanted to lately. For this month, all TTs will pay tribute to some of the fun things that went down in 1991. Because, y’know, thirty year anniversary and all that stuff to make some of you feel really old. And for today’s TT, I am feeling for–wait for it–glamour and fashion! I could post a bunch of vintage captures, but there just happens to be a single GIF that encapsulates all the style of that year: 

So much fashion and 90s supermodel glam in one GIF. Those nepotism cases that get passed off as “models” these days could never. If the recent Fashion Week shows in NYC and Paris bored the shit out of you (and I’m betting a dollar it did), may that GIF be balm for your eyes. The video of that moment is also worth a watch!

Viva Sophia

There’s no better cure for a case of the Mondays than a heaping serving of glamour and sensuality. (Staying home and not having to work is also another remedy, of course.) And nobody embodies both better than today’s birthday goddess, the legendary Sophia Loren!

Three decades after that movie, La Loren still rocked it in 1994’s Ready To Wear. She was in her sixties in that movie! I’ll be lucky if I look a third fifth tenth good as her when I reach my sixties.

Also, Ready To Wear is a must-watch for all the 90s fashion heads (like moi).

Stylin’ For September

Various blonde models on US Elle magazine, September 1991. I have this now-30-year-old issue in my collection! And obligatory: models and fashion nowadays don’t look this lively! 

It’s a new month yet again, and once upon a time in the world of fashion magazines, way before they became run down by excessive use of actresses, reality show trash heaps, and girls of nepotism, September was seen as its most important month. The likes of Vogue, Elle, W, and Bazaar released their “Fall Fashion Issue” that were thick as a Big Mac, and the model who graced the cover of that issue was seen as the face of fashion that season. Because the so-called fashion mags these days bore (and sometime annoy, depending on who gets the cover) the fuck out of me, I look back at a few of my favorite September covers to not only properly serve me FASHUN, but to remind me of how great fashion mags once were. And if you notice a 90s bias, I’m not apologizing for it!

bazaar 9:92

Linda Evangelista on US Harper’s Bazaar, September 1992. That was THE cover that resurrected Bazaar from middling mediocrity (see their covers before this one, and you’ll know what I mean) and positioned them to be another stylish rival to the giant that was Vogue. I have many issues of both Bazaar and Vogue from the 90s, and while Vogue had the clout and most of the top photographers, I felt like Bazaar was more palatable compared to Vogue, from its unique storytelling in their editorials to the mesmerizing typography, designed by the great Fabien Baron.

Kirsty Hume on Vogue Italia, September 1994. Leave it to the foreign fashion mags to show its US counterparts how to really serve a cover. Vogue Italia (aka Italian Vogue) was that stylish bitch back in the day. Fall 1994 fashion was all about wild, disco-inspired glamour, the antithesis of all those dreary, grunge looks from the previous year, and this cover (along with Bazaar’s infamous September cover that same year) captured the mood of the moment brilliantly. Photographed by the legendary Steven Meisel, the cover is giving me Helmut Newton/Guy Bourdin vibes. Adore!

w mag 9:95

Kate Moss and her brother Nick on US W magazine, September 1995. This is brilliant because of one thing: dude in a kilt on the cover of a fashion mag.

Linda Evangelista on US Vogue, September 2001. This issue is now 20 years old?! I remember buying two copies of this because I was sooooo excited over the return of Queen Linda. I didn’t even know of her comeback until I saw it on the newsstands. (What social media? This was 2001, kiddos.) Easily my second-favorite Vogue cover of 2001 (with the cover of topless Penelope Cruz still tops).

And Glamour Is Served

It may be the end of Pride month today, but Pride never ends in my home! While some are already gearing up to celebrate ‘Murica Day, I’m still recovering from the immense eleganza that got served my way when I rewatched that clip from Pose above. When I originally watched that Fairy Tale Extravaganza weeks ago, I swear, my nips stayed hard from excitement long after that episode finished. I resorted to looking at a pic of the Dodgers to deflate my nip boner.

Pose is one of my favorite shows, and I’m bummed that it had to end after only three seasons. Shitty reality shows have lasted longer, and that’s an injustice in itself! That scene alone should have given Pose at least three more seasons. That clip served up more fashun, whimsy, and GLAMOUR than any red carpet show and Met Gala event from the past seven years. About the only thing that can probably come close to matching that is if there’s a ball dedicated to international style icon Bai Ling. Come on Mama Ru–Night of 1000 Bai Lings on Drag Race right now! 

A Gorgeous And Poetic Start

Screen Shot 2021-04-01 at 12.19.40 AM

No April Fools joke–that April 2021 cover of UK Vogue is giving me LIFE. (There are three other covers for their April issue, all of them equally vibrant.) That’s the magic of Meisel, who shot the covers and is giving me 1960s-era Avedon vibes with the image. Also, OMG a smiling woman with life in her eyes on the cover! Bored faces and drowsy eyes be damned! Why US Vogue isn’t fashun as their UK sister is not a mystery: that out-of-touch fossil Anna Wintour is still its cryptkeeper-in-chief. 

It’s also the start of the baseball season and National Poetry Month. I’d post a baseball poem, but they all bored me and these lines from the OG Queen of Quip Dorothy Parker was hard to pass up. 

That’s right! 


My Kind Of Eye Bleach

After straining my eyes from digging up all those links in my last rant, looking at my bank account to see if I got my stimulus payment (which I did not), and seeing more posts on despicable violence against Asians (just…why?) and another mention of my state governor being “recalled” (it’s not gonna happen, idiots), I need eye bleach. Some turn to adorable animals, but I’m feeling for vintage HIGH GLAMOUR. Enter the work of Mario Casilli!

It’s currently a cool 61 degrees where I live, and these images alone have me fanning myself. I LIVE for that campy 80s glamour, and Casilli captured it brilliantly.

All pics courtesy of this site that will bombard you with captures of vintage fabulousness. 

Beauty For Your Friday

e.l.f Cosmetics’ tasty collab with Chipotle enchanted me so much yesterday that I (once again) forgot to do a Throwback Thursday post. But there’s always Flashback Friday, and if you remember seeing Penelope Cruz‘ US Vogue cover when it originally dropped 20 years ago this month, congrats–you’re an old like me!

This cover had me mesmerized in more ways than one. The biggest one is the blurb “The Power Of Beauty” next to Penelope, a brown-eyed brunette Latina. It’s major because Anna Wintour usually saved such banter for WASPy blondes. (I have many issues of Vogue from the 90s, and Anna really flaunted her blonde fetish during that decade.) After seeing many images of white-bread blonde girls being touted as “beautiful” during my teen years in the mid/late 90s, seeing Penelope and those words was a breath of fresh air. 

Oh, I remember the little uproar from readers over Vogue featuring a topless woman on the cover. To this day, I find the picture classy AF. It’s only fitting that the late, great Herb Ritts captured the image (yet another reason why I loved that cover), and if any photographer knew how to do classy topless shots of women, it was him. Frankly, I’d rather see topless Penelope (“of course you would”–you) on the cover over a fully-clothed nepotism “model” or no-talent reality show basic that get on Vogue these days. I feel like who is striking the pose matters more than the pose itself.

By the way, nothing says POWER like conquering the world in nothing but a leather miniskirt. I’d do that…if I could afford a leather miniskirt. 

Just using this entry as an excuse to post the purdy pics of Penelope in her layout.  

Teen me back in March 2001 loved that cover so much, I ended up buying two copies of that issue. That issue was thiiiick, IIRC. I think it was over 500 pages; nowadays, Vogue is as thin as the range of expressions of a nepotism “model”. 2001 was also the last year Vogue had a nice mix of models and actresses on the covers, before Anna went overboard on her use of actresses for her covers the years after. (Funny that I now long for those trite actress covers of the mid/late 2000s after seeing who gets on Vogue these days.) I squealed with joy when I saw Linda Evangelista on that year’s September cover, but as much as I adore the hell out of Linda, hers was my second-favorite cover of 2001. Penelope’s still reigns that year. 

This Is Every Frilly Layer of No

harry in a dress

I usually enjoy seeing men of all gender representations get their classic femininity on, whether it’s wearing makeup, high heels, a dress, or all three. So why does seeing that pic of Harry Styles in a dress dry up and freeze my basement? Oh, that’s right, I was never into Harry in the first place (sorry 1D fanwhores). He never did a thing for me, and whenever I see a pic of him, I’m all the more thankful that I also find women attractive. Also, the pics are bleh, but then I don’t expect US Vogue (who have not been fashion-relevant in YEARS and if you need any proof just look at the pic they used for Harry’s cover) and their current roster of ho-hum photographers to capture an otherwise rad concept properly. That may be a Vogue image, but I’m getting Target catalog vibes from it. (In fairness, Target is more fashion-relevant than Vogue.)

While it’s great that Harry has no shame in cross-dressing, I somehow can’t buy him being this generation’s gender-bending fashun music icon. It takes more than just a guy putting on a purdy dress (or a woman dressing in a man’s suit) to gender bend. And on the occasions I hear about Harry, he doesn’t seem to have the personality and spark to pull the image off.  Honey’s no Bowie or Prince or Elton; hell, he’s not even mid/late-90s Dennis Rodman, Billy Porter, or even this former hot bitch I used to swoon over (*sulks over why he had to ruin himself*).

Also, whyyyyy are my nana’s old bedskirts (that she ended up donating to a thrift store ’cause she developed better taste) his dress?! In the words of Raja and Raven, it’s an automatic boot!

Pic courtesy of Lipstick Alley (via Vogue)