Support KCSM!

For those who aren’t sluts for jazz living in the Bay Area, KCSM 91.1 FM is not just a jazz station but THE jazz station in the region! They’re a members-supported station, meaning they don’t air useless waste like commercials or a rap/pop song from today. Because of that, however, they rely a lot on the donations of their members to stay on the air. Think of KCSM as the PBS of jazz radio, without the unsightly association of the Koch brothers, er, brother. They’re currently holding their seasonal Pledge Drive, so if you got some money to spare, consider donating to KCSM! (Especially you rich bitches out there who love jazz–you all got no excuse!) And you don’t have to be from my neck of the woods to donate, as they got members all over the world. 

Without KCSM, I wouldn’t have been introduced to the upbeat and spirited genres that is Latin Jazz and classic bluegrass/rockabilly (KCSM airs more than just classic jazz, I should add.) They have their own segments every Sunday afternoon, as the Latin Jazz show and Rhythm Retrospective, respectively. They’ve become my jams, not only for the catchy music, but that they air around the time I end my work week!

I’d talk more, but how ’bout we get down to some jazzy tunes instead? 

Presents And A Day Off From Work

As is tradition every Christmas for me! (Props to those who do have to work on Xmas, though, especially to those with frontline/essential jobs.) More about the presents later, since I’m on the verge of the sleepies. For now, I’ll leave you with one of the very few Xmas-themed songs I actually enjoy. (I’m also a sucker for anything Peanuts-related.) Given that stores start selling their Xmas merchandise in August these days, I feel like I’m posting this song way too damn late. Oh well. Merry Shitscram Christmas and Happy Holidays, everyone! 


Song Of The Day 12/26

Because I don’t subject myself to aural hell that is your classic Christmas songs, yesterday I listened to, among other songs, the soundtrack to 1995’s Casino. Dat soundtrack is LIT (as is the movie). And it’s hard to choose one song from it for SotD. But I’m currently playing this song, and the lyrics still hold meaning to this day. Watch out for the eye in the sky when you’re at a casino.

Song Of The Day 12/16

One of my favorite radio stations here in the Bay Area is KCSM Jazz 91 (91.1 FM–and if you like all things jazz, please donate to them!). Every Sunday afternoon, they play a block dedicated to Latin Jazz. There’s a song they play at the end of that segment that I enjoy, but I never knew what that song was until now! (Thank goodness for their playlist.) Happy Monday, everyone!