GLAMOUR For Your Weekend

Tired of awful news dominating headlines? Worn out from all things politics? Here’s some soothing balm for your eyes, courtesy of today’s birthday lady/fashion icon Bai Ling!!!

Aaaannnnd all Halloween costume contests have just been canceled since no one can top this piece de resistance.

Screen Shot 2020-10-10 at 12.00.45 AM

Not even that cuntbeast Covid can hold back a style goddess!

You may be thinking: there’s more class and fabric in a G-string than what Bai is wearing above. Oh, puh-lease. That G-string would plead and beg to be worn by Miss Ling so it can be seen and be part of fashion history. And I’d bemoan over why Bai has never been on the cover of Vogue and Bazaar, but given some of the no-talent, empty-eyed trash heaps they’ve shamefully given covers to in the past, those rags don’t deserve her greatness!

Happy birthday, Bai!

Viva La Bellucci

I was gonna post an extensive recap on the recent episode of “This Day in Fuckery”. (It’s on the Real Life Channel and you’re also subscribed to it until you die.) But! I checked out today’s celebrity birthdays, and seeing Monica Bellucci on today’s birthday list made me forget about the nonsense I was about to write in said recap. 

In honor of this goddess’ cake day, here’s a clip of her artfully stripteasing her way into her birthday suit! After yesterday and the junk I saw today, my Bi ass needed some balm for the eyes. I’d bitch about the lack of views this vid has, but I’m guessing that it originally had millions and millions of views, yet those devices must’ve exploded from displaying the searing hotness of La Bellucci, and thus reducing the view count. 


why not both?

No, I did not forget that it’s also the birthday of Keanu Reeves today! While there are many, many, many pics/GIFs I could have chosen for the header, I got tickled by this headline on him in some early-90s magazine. (Not my pic, by the way.) Brain-exempt?! I’m gonna start using that term on every proud dumbass I encounter.

Anyhoo, if I were to give NuNu a birthday gift, it would be a box of reusable face masks.

Also, I remember the rest of the pics in that layout, which you can view here. And what a view Prince Dunderhead gives in the end!

Balm For The Eyes

The eyes of Amber Valetta have it.

This week’s Throwback Thursday post is brought to you by the fine works of legendary photographer Herb Ritts, who would’ve celebrated his birthday today. No snark: I am forever fascinated with Ritts’ work! No photographer today can come close to his signature brand of natural sensuality–a quality that needs to be brought back in today’s super skanked-out world.

The master and the muse: Ritts with model Alek Wek.

Ritts’ work is what I sometimes turn to when I need balm for the eyes after subjecting myself to inane celebrity gossip (which I do on the daily, I know, I know). I have to say, however: some of the people he photographed the most (Julia Roberts, Johnny Derp (typo stays!), Tom Cruise…) would end up being complete asshats that I’d also read about in said inane celeb gossip. Nonetheless, that he was one of the top image-makers of his time, who captured an era of celebrity, music, and fashion that can never be duplicated, is extraordinary in the truest sense.

And now I shall leave you with one of my favorite music videos that Ritts directed. The sensuality from Laetitia Casta alone is so damn scalding to this day that today’s try-hard tricks with their cartoonish lips, tits, & asses and wax figure faces would dissolve into a smelly puddle of melted plastic parts if they saw this video. (Oh, how I wish!)


Credit to Pleasure Photo @ WP for the Ritts pics (and images of many more great photographers!) 

A Goddess For Your Saturday

I will always adore the eternal goddess known as Iman!! Along with being one of my favorite models who served face, figure, and fashion, I still consider her and Bowie to be my all-time favorite celebrity couple. They had it all: love, beauty, appeal, style…I’ve yet to see a couple from today that comes close to them.

Happy birthday to a true beauty today! (July 25, 1955)

(ETA: and once again, my ass forgot to switch the status from Private to Public.)

Blondie Ambition

It’s July!! Which means we’re at the halfway mark of this shittastic year (that I hope gets salvaged in November, if ya know what I mean), which means it’s also the first of the month, which also means it’s Hump Day and Canada Day, and since I think I covered all the important things for July 1st, it means I need to stop this ridiculous run-on sentence.

I’m still in the process of editing mah story, so in the meantime, enjoy the captivating vocals of today’s birthday girl and one of my music queens, Debbie Harry!!



His Purple Badness

Let it be known that I will always adore Prince! ❤

His songs, his performances, his impeccable side-eye and shade game…

…his taste in women that reminds me of mine (I like ’em pretty, dark-haired, and talented, too), and, of course, this great moment in not just entertainment but in modern history…nothing compares 2 Prince!

It would have been his birthday today. He should still be here, and I’m sure he’d have a LOT to say about the shit happening right now. RIP to a legend.

Enjoy the Sunday with a few of my favorite underrated songs of his!



Happy Anniversary

Also, Happy 1st of this Pride Month!

It has been a year since I started this blog. A lot has happened since my first entry, and it feels like a year’s worth of crazy has happened in the past week alone. Lest you think I write primarily to escape the harsh reality, some of my work–through poetry–also confronts it. I may share a poem of mine’s here soon. Always remember, though: the tough times may seem endless,  but they will eventually cease, while creativity remains enduring.

PS: I want dat cupcake right now!!