Let’s Get Spooked

In honor of the two upcoming scary holidays, namely Halloween and the day I get another year closer to menopause, I’ve been binge-watching a childhood favorite show of mine: Are You Afraid Of The Dark?, whose very first episode, according to the Wiki, premiered on Nickelodeon as a Halloween special in—wait for it….1991! I don’t know if my attraction to spooky stuff had to do with being born before Halloween, but shows like AYAOFD, as well as R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps books and going to haunted houses in general excited me as a kid.

I’ve watched most of the episodes on that Top 10 list (I’ve yet to get to the late 90s episodes), and while the Top 4 are solid picks, naturally, there were a few that should’ve been on the list. No “The Tale Of The Hatching”? No “The Tale Of The Quicksilver”? Or “The Tale Of The Night Shift”? And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, get your ass to Paramount+ or buy the episodes on YouTube or Vudu and watch them all right now!

Shows Of My Childhood!

Continuing with my 1991-themed Throwback Thursdays for this merry month of October, I realized two things. 1) I want to get my hair as big, teased, and voluminous as Cindy Crawford’s back in the day. Bring back an old trend to end the whole sleek, flat hair craze that’s become so played out. And 2) Us kids then had it MADE when it came to cartoons and kids’ shows 30 years ago. The youths of today can wear shirts that say “Rugrats” and “Ren & Stimpy” with the characters on them, but not only did us really old Millenials (1981-85 babies rise up) do that first, we got to watch those shows when they originally aired! In addition to watching childhood icons like Angelica’s raggedy-ass Cynthia doll, Powdered Toast Man, and Little Pete’s Petunia every week, there was this memorable song us kids sang just for that “makes me wanna fart” line let’s be real:

And to think, if my cousin was not there at the right place at the right time 30 years ago, I wouldn’t have witnessed all this and would’ve been reincarnated as a basic who thinks fun is taking duck-lipped selfies every other minute. *shudders*¬†

Catfight Friday!

Do you miss bold, take-charge female characters in primetime dramas exchanging catty eyes and bitchy barbs while oozing delectable style like I do? Enjoy this vintage (duh!) clip of Melrose Place on this Flashback Friday featuring the 90s answer to Alexis vs. Sable: Amanda vs. Lexi!

The last minute of the vid is pure twisted gold. So mean, so bad, so sorely needed in today’s play-it-safe pop culture landscape. And soooo rich of Amanda to say that, might I add!

Also, I Love Turkeys For Their Breasts

What can I say? I’m a breast chick.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I actually have to work today, but I get double pay and it will only be a short shift so it’s not all bad. I also cooked my meals in advance and, if I don’t pass out from noshing on too much turkey and guzzling Trader Joe’s Cocoa Cream¬†after work, I’ll share my spread and the shit I’m thankful for this year with y’all later. Until then, enjoy this Turkey Day clip from of one of my favorite sitcoms evah!