Bless The Child

In actual unexpected news, supermodel/superbeeyotch Naomi Campbell just had a baby (!), and forget about who the baby daddy could be or that she still has working ovums given her age and all the drugs she’s done over the years. I’m just bummed that she didn’t invite me to her baby shower so I could’ve given her this for her newborn:


Baby’s first toy! I would’ve also gifted her a doll dressed as a personal assistant for target practice.

A Glamorous Anniversary

Today marks 30 years since the release of one of the memorable and fabulous music videos ever made: George Michael’s “Freedom 90”! Birthday twins!

Obligatory “music videos can never be this amazing these days” and “90s supermodels are the hottest and the ‘models’ from today can’t compare”.

Although, for some odd reason, whenever I hear that song now, an image of a kitten escaping chaotic gunfire also pops in my head.

She Don’t Vogue–She Is Vogue

A Happy Birthday today to one of my glamour goddesses, Linda Evangelista! Not only is she an unforgettable face in fashion and beauty, but she was also robbed of a Best Supporting Actress Oscar (not the nomination, but the Oscar itself) for her dazzling performance in Unzipped! Her memorable stare down to the camera was everything.

This is also her reaction when asked if the likes of the Hadid sisters are supermodels. (Or at least it’s mines and many others.)

I shall celebrate in her honor by not getting out of bed for less than $10,000. (So that means I’ll be staying in bed all day today.)