Listening To… (12/31)

Even though I had to work today (and it was a looooong-ass work day), I chose to be in the party spirit because it’s New Year’s Eve! And nothing gets me jumping in my car seat more than 90s dance music! Big-ups to those who found these oldie but goodie megamixes that originally aired for BBC Radio and uploaded them to the YouTubes. The added live audience sounds is also the tits. Welcome to my solo New Year’s party! (Yes, the same kind of party that I threw in 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015…)

Listening To…(10/13)

Those who were a freestyle/dance music head living in the Bay Area during the mid/late 90s would remember the non-stop dance mixes WILD 94.9 (formerly 107.7 FM) used to spin. Those mixes were the tits!

A little story time: one of their DJs used to play sets at my junior high school for our dances. Just remembering that gives me flashbacks of CK One wafting in the air and seeing the popular girls white-girl dance to “Hoochie Mama” on the auditorium stage with WILD 94.9 bumper stickers adhered to the backside of their bell-bottom l.e.i jeans. (What skinny pants? And no cell phones here, honey. This was the mid/late 90s; Giga Pets, some quarters for the pay phone, and Bonne Bell Lip Smackers were in our pockets then!) I did the sticker on the butt thing one time in an attempt to be cool and ended up getting odd looks from my posse aka the geeks of my grade. Hey, I didn’t want to be a geek forever!

Listening To… (Leap Day 2020!!)

Yes, I’m aware of the absurdity that I’m listening to such a song and making it the Leap Day song. But this is not just for the 90s dance heads and the size queens. It’s also for the lovelorn girls/gays who never got their chance with the guy they wanted because that guy was taken by another. Unless if the guy has nudes out there, you lovelorn girls/gays mustn’t feel sad. Don’t bother with Googling “how to get over a crush”; just imagine he’s one of these and move on to another hottie. (YMMV, but it worked for me!)

(Long) Song Of The Holiday Weekend 1/17-20

YouTube can be a cesspool and a haven at the same time. For those seeking out rare 90s dance hits/tunes they can’t get on streaming radio, it’s the latter. I’ve been playing this long megamix almost daily. Fun songs include the first three minutes, the 10:30 mark, and the 24:15 mark.

Have fun on this holiday weekend! (PS: this is one interesting driving video.)