I Feel This


I should mention that I was that chick always hanging out in the far back whenever my class played dodgeball in P.E. I usually was one of the last (and sometimes the last) to get hit. Sure, you can say that the “nerds” stayed in the back while the “cool” kids played up front, but those same cool kids got struck first and us nerds were the last ones standing, so who are the real dodgeball strategists?

Aaaaand I hope I won’t jinx myself with this post!

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I’m With Steve

What else needs to be said?

No wonder my Friday sucked so much. (There was more to it than that verdict; the verdict was just the moldy cherry on top of the shit sundae.)

Farewell My Wisdom Teeth

Screen Shot 2021-09-07 at 1.45.21 AM

In less than ten hours, I’ll be having my wisdom teeth yoinked out of my mouth, and I’m likely to be out of it the rest of today. You best believe I stuffed myself for dinner like I was training for the Eating Olympics (which is also how I normally eat), because I also have to fast for this shit, and then switch to cold baby food for the next week or so. I also have to abstain from all my crispy, chewy, and spicy foods for a little while. But at least I never had to sell my nudes to finance this surgery! 

Also, um…as soon as as as possible possible?!