The Travel Slut Diaries: Return To Living! (Pt. 2)

NOTE: this sister entry to this post was supposed to have been finished weeks ago. Turns out completing this post was more time-consuming than I thought it would be. I had to select which of the hundreds of pics I took should be posted, plus all the pics you see here had to be resized, then I have to write up my shit, then edit the shit I wrote, and there were those other things I had called a job and pursuing other interests that kept me from finishing this entry. It’s late as hell, but it’s here. 

 **Originally written May 11th**

I’m fighting off seasonal allergies and listening to the Giants post-game wrap as I type. Costco’s version of Claritin must be finally kicking in since I’m no longer the sneeze machine I was an hour ago (yuck). My team won another game and series today, and, being the needy ho that I am, I still wonder, “why didn’t the Giants win when I was there?!”

Going to a ballpark that’s only a 30-minute drive from home (when traffic is fine on the Bay Bridge) may not be the same as a trip to Santa Cruz. But it’s still a trip for me and it counts as returning to living! Especially when I haven’t been to PacBell AT&T Oracle Park in almost five (!) years. The place, at least from the outside, hasn’t changed. 



Bask in the ballpark’s magnificence and proud Dodger haters! 

The inside hasn’t changed much, but some things were altered due to the pandemic. I had Club Level seats, and many of the displays found at the Club Level got downsized. For instance, here’s how one display looked like five years ago…


All that memorabilia, now swapped out for quirky simplicity. 

crazy ass crab

Maybe it could be how I captured this, or my contacts need to be cleaned because that thing looks like a mutated orange wart, not a crab! 

This display was something I didn’t see in my last visit, however…


Ah, the Preciouseseses. Ya know, I stood in a long-ass line for hours to see those trophies in person when the team did those trophy tours years ago. 

I walked around the place before getting to my seats. You think I’d be tired from the near-mile I walked from the parking lot to the ballpark. But nope!


View from the Bleachers–one of the few sections I’ve yet to sit in. 

city views

Even if the outcome of the game wasn’t pretty, that day sure was. 

giants flair

This dude has all the flairs!

nl west flags

These flags denotes the rankings of the team’s division at the moment, from first to worst. It has never been a personal thing, otherwise the Bums flag would always be at the bottom looking tattered and shit. **Updated 6/6: Giants are still up top and the Bums slipped to third!!**

ballpark view

A lovely view of the park from the Arcade/Promenade. It’s prettier in person! 

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Word Of The Day

OK, that could be my word for any day I come across way too many posts featuring losers that don’t deserve any more attention (like John Legend’s wife). But that word means so much more right now! For instance: Bay Area sports teams today yesterday played like trash, the Warriors and their fans probably feel like trash, and I’m sure MLB Network’s coverage of the Giants-Bums game is gonna be 100% Bums-leaning biased trash, like their trash-ass broadcasters who belong in the trash. Oh, and the cart that I use to transport my massage table broke on me, causing my table to fall, and that was fucking trash! (But I fixed the cart, so take that, Trash Gods!)

Bun Bun!

Screen Shot 2021-04-23 at 5.38.44 PM

While I was enjoying myself in San Jose yesterday, a moment full of “awwww’s” took place at Oracle Park. It wasn’t just the Giants winning the game, it was that adorable bunny making its presence in the stands that night. (Who also made all the human attendees jelly with its warm, thick fur. I’ve attended night games there before, so I know how cold AF it gets.) Alex the Rabbit was not just there to be known as the first bunny to attend a Giants home game, it’s also a therapy bunny for its owner (who’s holding Alex in the pic). No snark–it was truly a hoppy moment!

Pic courtesy of ESPN

And Now For Some Sweet Shade

sidney is hawt

That panty creamer above is NHL hockey superstar Sidney Crosby, whose hotness alone has caused my basement to be flooded many times since I first knew of him 12 years ago. Yeah, he’s also good at the stick-and-puck thing, but I never knew he could be a little shady. Some lesser in the hockey world had the nerve to drag him recently, and a reporter for the Penguins (Sid’s team) picked up this quote from Sid himself who addressed the beef:

Screen Shot 2021-04-07 at 3.00.18 PM

Sid had the opportunity to go full-on Mariah or the Patrick Roy way on that guy, but he’s not really known for being a shady ho. A scoring ho, yes. Nonetheless, it gets a solid 4 out of 5 on the Shade Scale. Tell it, Sidney! *snaps fingers*

Brava, Oakland

With the start of the new baseball season comes THE moment we–or at least me, have all been waiting for!!

Like the happy purr of a kitten or the loud thud when Justin Bieber eats floor, the sounds of boos and trash-can banging raining down on a squad of cheaters (who, by the way, still have never been suspended a single game for cheating) is so aurally pleasing.

That final score from that game, tho. (Although I shouldn’t throw stones, given what my team did last night. Ick.)

Happy Monday

That “Bernie Sanders sitting with mittens” meme is getting played out as I type, but this version tickles me! So that’s what got LeBron’s attention in the beginning; he was looking at Benny Sanders!

I’d request for Gritty to get on that meme train while it’s still hot, but he’s more likely to eat his face mask and the mittens (seasoned with hot sauce because this is Gritty we’re talking about here) before continuing to terrorize Penguins fans.

Farewell, Hammerin’ Hank

I know I’m over a day late in this (I had to deal with some unexpected shit yesterday when the news broke), but better late than never when it comes to paying respects to Hall of Famer, baseball/sports legend, and civil rights advocate Hank Aaron.

Ryan S. Clark of The Athletic and his take on Aaron’s career and legacy is miles better than what I would’ve said (because, I’ll admit, I haven’t fully followed his story outside his home run milestone):

…Many of us never saw Aaron hit a home run in person. We did not need to see that to fully appreciate and understand his legacy. Aaron was a Black man who made people feel threatened as he closed in on surpassing the shiny piece of Americana who was Babe Ruth as the greatest to ever hit a baseball over a fence. It all comes back to the fact that Aaron was unfairly vilified for simply living and working while Black, something that still goes on today…

…Hank Aaron had to be perfect. He had to do everything right with the idea that for some, he’d still be in the wrong. Even with that, there was a regality to his approach. It was knowing he always had to be “on” even when he had every right to not be. Yes, we celebrate the records and winning, but it was his dignity that made him so inspiring…You think, “He dealt with so much worse and did it with strength. Why can’t I?”…

Keep hammering those homers in heaven, Hank! You will be sorely missed.