Just A Couple Things…

Since baseball ain’t coming back for a long while (thank its tyrant commish who you better not speak ill of), I would like to propose a new sport to temporarily take its place: Nad-Kicking. It will involve anyone fed up with overprivileged, unvaccinated athletes kicking the nads of said overprivileged, unvaccinated athletes (see Novax Joke-ovic and Kyrie Irving) and those enabling them. There won’t be any points or playoff rounds or a fancy trophy in the end, but whichever athlete ends up changing their minds and gets their shots after a nad-kicking session gets eliminated from the tournament. Which is a good thing for them and their baby-makers. Since I proposed this idea, I call Commissioner’s spot! 


Can this day please be normal? No godawful terrorist attack anywhere, or a disaster or death of a likable celebrity for today. Besides, it’s the born day of mah boo Irina…

*cleans up drool* …and she deserves a peaceful and oh so smoldering wicked hot as f–I mean, fun birthday today. 

Stupid Stupid Stupid

Probably the stupidest thing I’ve read today! And that’s saying a lot considering I first saw this on Reddit, where there’s always a lot of dumbass crap that gets posted.

Famous anti-vaxxer, flat-earther, savior to the anti-vaxxers, and nutjob extraordinaire Kyrie Irving gets brought back to play, with no mask being worn, in packed arenas where some if not many are going maskless, at a time when Covid cases are rising yet again in the NBA and the general public.

There may be vaccines against Covid (you know, that thing that Irving just cannot with), but there REALLY needs to be vaccines against stupidity, ignorance, and selfishness.

Come on, clown league NBA, backtrack this shit.

***Update 12/18: and sometimes the trash takes itself out LMAO

A Little Update

I scored some new cool things since my last post here, and I’d say more about it but I still have a phone to configure *hint*, my new story that I must tend to, and I also have to wake up early tomorrow. Boooooo on the last one, as I’m a total night owl, but it goes in hand with one of those new things.  There will be a post on all dat soon, but until then, enjoy this video of arguably the best mopper on the planet: the FIBA Mop Guy! As recently seen in Shaqtin A Fool!

Maybe that’s the trick to getting some joy in cleaning floors: wearing short ass shorts that Daisy Duke and go-go dancers would approve.

Posey Pride


This is SF Giants player/3X World Series champ/precious eye candy Buster Posey, who has just announced his retirement from the MLB. I’m gonna miss this man!

My Posey story: I attended the 2013 Giants Fanfest, and while walking around…wherever the hell I was (the basement floor that leads to the locker room, I guess?), I noticed this small entourage not too far behind me. In the middle was the man himself, surrounded by a couple of security dudes and other people. I don’t remember if I said anything to him, and I’m kind of surprised I didn’t turn into a puddle of panty pudding after seeing him in the flesh. What I do remember were the shrieks of Posey fans as he kept walking. Them girls were LOUD!

Meeting Posey

With a smile like the one he’s giving me here and there will be no dispute of that, can you blame those fangirls?

His retirement announcement was unexpected, and if only this year’s Giants were able to win at least one more ring for him. (Bitch-ass Dodgers!) But riding off into the sunset with accomplishments like his are nothing to scoff at.

Happy Trails, Posey! You will definitely be missed from the game.

And since it’s also Throwback Thursday, my absolute favorite highlight of his: the Buster Hugs!

Costume Party (Baseball Edition)

smiley face in crowd

Today’s Halloween and there’s also some very important baseball game to be played tonight. It’s not often playoff baseball gets played on Halloween, but when it happens, it’s not just the players serving up tricks and treats!

A look back at some costumed baseball fans from the past…

degrom costume (ack!)

Look–it’s Weird Al as a baseball player! Pic courtesy of Cut 4/MLB.com

(Yes, I know that’s supposed to be a janky version of deGrom.)

A Nats fan back in 2019, before her team won the real thing that year. Pic courtesy of WTOP.com

DSC06148 copy

This is from the 2013 West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval, which I was at. I posted this last year, and it remains one of the wildest costumes I’ve seen in terms of context. So rude yet so true.

And, lastly, this gem:

YEEEEESSSSSSSSS!!! Pic courtesy of BarDown.com

Bonus pic of the back:

Even the baby doesn’t like cheaters. Pic courtesy of this Twitter

Happy Halloween, everyone!!

And On Sunday I Laugh

Screen Shot 2021-10-24 at 1.56.10 AM

Highest payroll in the league and they had all the so-called “baseball experts” and national jokes, I mean, broadcasters rimming them out left and right, and all the Bums have to show for it is, well…nothing, actually. No NL West title (that’s the Giants’), no NL Pennant (that’s now the Braves’, and huge congrats to them!), and, most importantly, no World Series title (let alone appearance) this year. It bears repeating: no World Series title (let alone appearance) this year for the Dodgers. 

Best of luck to the throat doctors who will be taking care of the ESPN baseball heads and the TBS announcers after their endless deep-throating they’ve given the Bums (who also had some woman-beaters on their team) this year. You know those doctors deserve to get paid Dodger money while inspecting those windpipes that I’m sure will have remnants of Walker Buehler’s spooge and the tangerine-hued pubes of Justin Turner. You’re welcome for that visual. 

Finally, “grueling season”…*snorts* You mean a regular, 162-game season, Plaschke? A regular season where that team spent bajillions to acquire all the bats to catch up with the Giants and came up one game short of winning your division? A regular season that the Bums still have yet to fully win a ring in since–wait for it…….1988? A regular season that your orange-and-black rivals have won three times in back in the 2010s? So much for that greatest team ever in baseball history! 

And just like that, this mint in my mouth tastes even mintier. Mmm. 


Screenshot courtesy of LA Times homepage


Current Mood

Welp. My Giants’ otherwise memorable season just had to end so soon. On a shit call (out of many shit calls today) by a shit ump, I must add.

I was prepared for the worst, however. If it wasn’t for having Married With Children on my TV (I got all the episodes on DVD and yes I still watch some shows on DVD) while listening to the KNBR broadcast of the Giants game (because TBS stands for “The Biased SlutsForDodgers”), I would’ve been crying over this loss. Oh, who am I kidding–I don’t cry for any favorite sports team when it comes to playoff shit. My all-time favorite sitcom softened the blow and I just watched Marcy strip in front of Steve to make him to shave off his beard that she hates. Bahahahaha ah fuck.

Also, thank goodness for hockey.

Edit to add: realizing that the Houston Asterisks, who still have never been reprimanded over their cheating ways, got to advance over the Giants (who had never cheated for their World Series wins, need I remind y’all) and being reminded how much the Bums overpaid for players to join their team and now my mood is this:

Yeah, thank goodness for hockey. And weed.

When My Faves Collide

I’m a slut for both makeup and sports, so of course Colourpop just had to do an NBA collab to tempt me to break my no-buy on eyeshadow palettes. Oddly, the one palette that attracts me the most is of a team I normally don’t root for–the Mavericks. I’ve been looking for a palette with some pretty blues; it’s the one color story I don’t have in my collection. As for who in the NBA should model those purdy colors, it should be Ben Simmons. Ben is on the verge of being unemployed by the league; if he really needs the work, he might as well take his talents to Team CP and be the face of this line. Including wearing the glitter stickers!

MLB collab when Colourpop? Although this being Colourpop aka the undisputed leader of fast beauty, that will likely be released next week.

Pic courtesy of Makeup Muddle

Message Of The Day!*

Playoff baseball has officially bit my ass. I know this because last night I had this weird dream that both the Giants and Bums scored six runs each in Game 1 of their series, and the score remained stuck for innings while I wandered around Oracle Park like I had mixed NyQuil and DayQuil. Not the first dream that I wandered around in such fashion and in a place my real-life self cannot afford to get into, but that’s not the point. While I will always adore the City of Smog, Super-shitty traffic, and Superficial Hot Messes, when it comes to playoff baseball, mah team comes first! Go Giants!

Side note: not sure why that message is in a Giants-Mets game, but at least those fans know how to spell.

*and for the rest of the NLDS, I should add.