Mini-Rant of the Day

Ya know, if Major League Baseball had a competent commissioner, cheaters would be banned from the playoffs for a certain amount of years no matter what their regular-season record is. And, as a result, the MLB playoffs would at least be enjoyable to watch. (Even if my team isn’t in it due to some horse poo that happened at the end of their season.)

This mini-rant came from this. *sighs for the A’s*

Ballot Fuckery!

The Good: I received my ballot for the upcoming election today. (Side note: I had a long-ass work day today, so seeing that my ballot arrived cheered up my tired ass. I didn’t expect it!) 

The Crappy: THIS SHIT. 


No, I did not make a crappy circle on my ballot; I edited the pic in Preview. I am puzzled over why my state would include that deranged GOP pawn on the ballot. But I’m also puzzled that Gayfish is listed as a “Vice President” instead of “President” *snickers* like he supposedly wanted. Since I have a brain (sort of), a soul (also sort of), and a burning desire to kick out Chump, I did not vote for that thing. I don’t even know Roque Guerra. I don’t even care if he’s remotely related to heavenly demure enchantress Vida Guerra! If you’re not in the Blue, no vote for you! 

And if you think it was only my ballot that got tainted with Gayfish’s name, another CA resident saw the same damn thing. 

Those Bitches!!

I haven’t called out an ungrateful ho in a while. And shit’s gotten so bad that it’s not just one bitch that’s up for slaughter this time.

First up, this shit that happened at the Chiefs/Texans opener last week…

Those booing twunts are bitches two ways. They chose to attend a live game and risk worsening the pandemic. (Yes, I heard the stadium limited the amount of fans to attend, but that they still allowed fans in a stadium during a pandemic is still fuckery defined.) And they chose to boo equality when the players of both teams linked arms to show racial unity. How…how do you that? Boo people standing up for equality?! Oh, that’s right, be raised a dumbass racist. Not born–no one isn’t born a racist. But in vile circumstances, it’s sadly acquired. If you’re upset with people protesting against racial injustice over the ongoing act of racial injustice, then you got a damn problem. Those players should’ve left the field and called off the game to stick it those asswipes.

booing handegg fans

And, a slap-worthy mug that’s familiar with the chopping block…

Screen Shot 2020-09-16 at 3.54.35 PM

Click on the pic for the full story, although the headline sums it up. Do I even need to waste more of my time with J-Karen the Transphobic? Her descent into asininity continues and it is baffling. And nobody better not buy that lame excuse for a book or even get considered for a movie adaptation. Though considering it’s still 2020, it’s all wishful thinking. Gah!

Heat Waves Suck

Me after work today because of the current bitch-ass heat wave we’re having…

I’m still working the temp delivery job, if you’re wondering. (My spa is still closed.) Lugging heavy bags of groceries from car to doorstep is one thing, but try doing that in 110 degree Fahrenheit weather.

I’ll likely be parking my ass in front of my fridge tomorrow after work. And *checks 7-day forecast like the old I am* the next day, and the next day, and the next day…and I’m not even working those days!

Oh, and I can hear your snickers, Vegas readers.

Mini-Rant of the Day

My Old Millennial ass, who remembers seeing analog/wall clocks as a kid and was taught how to read time the old-fashioned way in the late 80s/early 90s *pops a Werthers*, when I see a headline that reads “Schools Are Removing Analogue Clocks Because Millennials Can’t Read Them”

Two things. 1) Looks like someone forgot about the digital-happy hellions known as Gen Z. And 2) Now I understand why some vouch for my generation to be divided! I don’t want to be lumped with the analog clock-illiterate brats that I have to share my generation with! Although, in fairness, I’m sure there are those around my age that can’t read an analog clock either.

Oh Honey, NO

Normally, fans meeting celebs don’t bother me. (I do get a little envious when they get to meet my faves.) So you’d think, in this time of a global pandemic where we gotta mask up, practice social distancing, and stay home as much as we can, celebs wouldn’t be able to meet their fans. And you’d think the supposed “good celebrities” would be following the new pandemic guidelines, right?

Nope! First Captain America running around mask-less with his new lady in London, and now *gasps* the beloved John Wick?!?!

Screen Shot 2020-07-28 at 4.27.05 PM

In any other year, those pics would be innocuous. Right now, though?

And, sadly, that’s not the first time he’s gone out sans mask and social distance (clock the date of the post).

*sighs* It was just a year ago that I was a proud Keanu fan (but not a stan–I don’t stan for anyone because I know my faves will fuck up one way or another) who needed a coaster placed under her whenever his name was mentioned. Now, well…I’m still a fan in some ways, but I am much disappointment over this latest move. Don’t care how likable someone is–if they’re not taking this Covid shit seriously, I will be side-eyeing their ignant ass. It doesn’t help that there’s some revealing gossip on K’s mom, I mean, that chick that looks like his mom that he happens to be dating (see link above, and–fair warning–you’ll be sucked into that site).


Just Gimme The Fireworks*

It’s the Fourth of July weekend. Since I’m not wrapped in the hot dog-scented straight jacket called blind patriotism (that’s also made in China but marketed as “Made In The USA”), I have to ask: after all that has happened in this country since the start of that darn year that is 2020, is there anything about the US worth celebrating these days?!

I used to be one of those people who had no problem donning attire that had the stars & stripes, and not just because this Fil-Am chick wanted to show others that an American girl is not just some white blue-eyed blonde. (By the way, all that bullshit over white blondes constantly being hyped as the “all-American dream girl” shall always be countered by a quote from that wacko supermodel Janice Dickinson: “blonde? Blue-eyed? That’s not American, you idiots. It’s Scandinavian.”) I wore all that patriotic shit because there was a time when I appreciated being an American, despite the faults the country had then.

That was ten years ago, though. That blue USA hat of mine, and all my other clothes displaying the red-white-and-blue, has been collecting dust in its storage since late 2016. Unless we vote out the bullshit this November and beyond, all those clothes will continue to stay there. (Friendly reminder to VOTE BLUE, PEOPLE!!) Sheeit, you won’t even catch me eating a cookie with red, white, and blue sprinkles these days. Simply put, it’s just another work weekend for me the next two days. Come at me, blind patriots.

Until there is a time when it will be cool to genuinely exclaim “America–fuck yeah!” again, I’ll just stick with enjoying my fivesome fantasy involving American-born hotties Jason Momoa, Michael B. Jordan, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Adam Driver as my way of celebrating the Fourth of July. That and the soul food and fireworks.*

*But don’t fire them off at 3 in the fucking morning, goddammit. I work early shifts this weekend and I need to sleep early!