Late Night Quick Thoughts

I’d rather be honest than “Be Kind”. Let’s be real, the “Be Kind” crowd are just using that annoying AF phrase to mask their shitty behavior. Do something that gets under their skin, even if it’s minuscule, and they’ll want to skin you alive. (While I’m at it, the “Be Kind” phrase is right down there with “Live Laugh Love” or however the fuck it goes, and “Girl Boss” *gags* in my personal Hell. Which is also known as the Decor section at a Home Goods.)

And…You cannot call yourself a witch fighting against the patriarchy when you support a figure representing the worst of the patriarchy while denouncing the victim of a witch hunt that was started by said figure of the patriarchy.

(I say this because some so-called “feminist” subReddits really aren’t as feminist as I originally thought. But it’s Reddit so I shouldn’t be surprised.)

Think Happy Thoughts

I went to work today sleep deprived because the fire alarm in my apartment building went off at a time it should not have gone off (it was way before sunrise when it happened), and I’m surprised I didn’t crash into anything while driving. I think some Adam Driver stan cursed me with that fire alarm after what I said in my last post. Maybe my allegiance to Dame Joan Collins saved me. Today was bleh but it could’ve been worse. I could’ve also been one of those brain-exempt wankstains still holding a bunch of GameStop stock that I bought by taking out a $20K loan so I can stick it to those Wall Street fat cats and achieve my dreams of being the next Elon Muskrat (while ignoring my bank account sinking further and further into negative territory). But I’m not, thank goddess. 



Pour One Out For My Libido

This long-ass wait to get all votes counted (which I support) in this still-ongoing presidential election race has, among other things, inadvertently drove me to participate in No-Nut November. Temporarily, of course. (And yes, I remember what I said four days ago.) I don’t even have the energy to pick up my vibrator or think fap-worthy thoughts right now!

PS: fuck the Electoral College. I said this in 2016, and it just has to be said again this year.

**Update 11/8/20: yaaaassss. I can get off again!!

Mini-Rant of the Day

Ya know, if Major League Baseball had a competent commissioner, cheaters would be banned from the playoffs for a certain amount of years no matter what their regular-season record is. And, as a result, the MLB playoffs would at least be enjoyable to watch. (Even if my team isn’t in it due to some horse poo that happened at the end of their season.)

This mini-rant came from this. *sighs for the A’s*

Heat Waves Suck

Me after work today because of the current bitch-ass heat wave we’re having…

I’m still working the temp delivery job, if you’re wondering. (My spa is still closed.) Lugging heavy bags of groceries from car to doorstep is one thing, but try doing that in 110 degree Fahrenheit weather.

I’ll likely be parking my ass in front of my fridge tomorrow after work. And *checks 7-day forecast like the old I am* the next day, and the next day, and the next day…and I’m not even working those days!

Oh, and I can hear your snickers, Vegas readers.