I’m With Steve

What else needs to be said?

No wonder my Friday sucked so much. (There was more to it than that verdict; the verdict was just the moldy cherry on top of the shit sundae.)


Work commitments kept me from participating in the Women’s March yesterday. Besides being at the March in spirit, I got a kick out of these signs!

elephant in the womb

Now that is clever.

pro-birth crap

This also needs to be seen by those ass-backwards ingrates that waste their lives protesting outside Planned Parenthood.

protest this shit

I remember seeing that same message on the sign that cool granny is holding at past Women’s Marches. The message never gets old.

And, finally, in ye olde Texas…

new texas laws

*sighs* If only Abbott’s dad squirted him on the floor instead.

Pics courtesy of Reddit (click on pic for link)

Keep California Sane*

Four days left till the recall election (that should’ve never happened) and the message remains the same…

If you’re a CA registered voter but haven’t received your ballot, put an awful hex on Louis deJoy and head out to your nearest polling place, which will be open tomorrow through election day. 

*I’m very aware that this state has our share of crazies. *side-eyes Central Valley and northeast CA*