Listening To…(10/13)

Those who were a freestyle/dance music head living in the Bay Area during the mid/late 90s would remember the non-stop dance mixes WILD 94.9 (formerly 107.7 FM) used to spin. Those mixes were the tits!

A little story time: one of their DJs used to play sets at my junior high school for our dances. Just remembering that gives me flashbacks of CK One wafting in the air and seeing the popular girls white-girl dance to “Hoochie Mama” on the auditorium stage with WILD 94.9 bumper stickers adhered to the backside of their bell-bottom l.e.i jeans. (What skinny pants? And no cell phones here, honey. This was the mid/late 90s; Giga Pets, some quarters for the pay phone, and Bonne Bell Lip Smackers were in our pockets then!) I did the sticker on the butt thing one time in an attempt to be cool and ended up getting odd looks from my posse aka the geeks of my grade. Hey, I didn’t want to be a geek forever!

Weekend Jams

When my distressed soul needs to be uplifted, these are some of the songs I turn to…

This is not just a vogue-able, early 90s club classic. The lyrics can speak to what’s happening today: “…Follow me/Why don’t you follow me/To a place/Where we can be free/Come with me/Over there/Let’s put an end to racial hatred/And there’s love to share/Can you feel it/It’s in the air/Know its time for changes/Time for us to care…” Another coincidence: this jam dropped in 1992, which was also a tumultuous year, socially and politically. (Though I’d rather take living in ’92 than this year for many reasons.) 

I’m a sucker for strong vocals paired with a melody that takes me to dance paradise. I’m aware of the original version, but this was the first version I heard and it remains my favorite. The lyrics are equally inspiring. You have to be pulse-less if you can’t feel a thing when Martha heavenly belts, Nobody’s gonna take my pride, I won’t stop, I will not–be deniiiiiiied!” 

Who knew that Queen Aretha can also cut a dance track? It’s in the same vein as “Carry On”, with fierce vocals, stirring lyrics, and a fabulous dance beat, although I’m not sure which song came first. Ah, they’re both the tits. And this video will send you to flat-top heaven. 

Monday Jams

Nothing soothes my overworked ass (seriously, I had a busy AF past four days) than chilling with some mid-90s R&B jams to start my “weekend”. Some of the songs on my playlist right now…

Watching that “Bad Boys” movie started the craving for mid-90s R&B. (If you’re asking why was I watching that in the first place, I was in it simply for underrated 90s elegant rose petal Lisa Boyle, duh!) I was eleven years old when I first heard that song, and now I’m wondering where the fuck has the time gone and can we go back to the mid-90s when movie soundtracks, among other things, slapped?

The version of this song, the black pride in this video, and Janet’s look here is EVERYTHING.

I’d say I wouldn’t blame you if you don’t know who this girl group is. But if you proclaim to be a 90s R&B savant and you don’t know your SaDeuce, shame on you!! Give ’em a listen; they got some other bops besides this song.

Also, am I the only one who gets a kick out of seeing young women quickly break into song and dance when they see their man flirt with another chick?

I thought this song was the shizz back in ’95. Now? File this song under “Jams With A Slammin’ Beat But Oof Those Lyrics”. I didn’t know what they were singing about then, and now I don’t know why they sang about that in the first place! No wonder they were one-hit wonders! If their man had a side ho even just once, why be proud of taking his stupid cheating ass back?!?! Not even Danuel (I cannot stand the spelling of that name!) House’s soon-to-be ex-wife would stand for that.

Happy Weekend (And An Important Note!)

Before I get to the Happy Weekend part (which is never “happy” in my case because I usually work weekends, and there’s also a bloody heat wave going on in my area right now), an Important Note: after giving it much thought, “Sage Leone” shall no longer be. I do like to keep the name around (maybe for a character name), but I no longer want to use it as my pen name. Long live my original pen name! But I wanted to go by another nom de plume for a while. What that will be is something I’m still deciding on, although I do have another good pseudonym in mind. (No, it’s not Ivana Mandafuk–that was my old–and very short-lived–LiveJournal nickname.)

Because of the change, I’ll be altering the domain name in the next few days. (I’d change it now, but I also gotta come up with a good domain name to stick with.) I hope I can keep all my blog posts intact. If you also haven’t noticed, I did change the author “display name”. It’s obviously temporary, and I’ll do my best to resist the temptation to not change it when I’m feeling capricious.

For now, I shall leave you with a couple of underrated 90s rap jams for your weekend. I was going to post just the first song, but I never knew there was a soul version of that song until now. The messages of both songs are still relevant to this day and truly female-empowering. While I got no problem with some trash and crass in my music, sometimes the heart and ears need class to balance things out. (Especially nowadays!)







Kylie To The Rescue!


If you need some soothing eye (and ear and soul) balm after being ASSaulted by another unwanted serving of hackneyed hoochie heinies *cough*Cardi Blah and that other chick who seems to be no different than Cardi*cough*, just watch this video by thee Kylie herself and you’ll be healed! (And also craving glitter everything and your own gilded disco horse…or is it just me?) Praise be to Miss Minogue, and her return to alleviate us in these dreary AF times with her signature prescription of fun disco-pop and sparkly, colorful visuals that would make Lisa Frank jelly. Best of all, no fake asses in the video!

Listening To…(7/24)

No, not Taylor Swift’s latest album. (But go buy it anyway to piss off Gayfish.) Any of yous remember Princess Superstar? I first heard of her when I listened to the “Thinking XXX” soundtrack, about 12 years ago. She had a song on it that was so deliciously tawdry…


(By the way, this song is not the one I listened to on that soundtrack. I tried finding the actual version, which is remixed by Felix Da Housecat, but it’s not on YT! Boooooo!)

Anyone who happily sings about her coochie is my kind of pop tart! I’ve gotten into more of her songs since discovering her (very late, I should add). I stopped listening to them when I got on a 90s dance bender eight years ago that…is actually still happening. But I’ve been bumping jams from the 2000s lately, and her songs are on one of my 2000s-era playlists. Something about her music sends me back to that decade of Brangelina and celeb chicks papped without panties, before social media, wretched “influencers”, and ugly-ass frayed skinny pants.




She doesn’t sing about men who did her wrong and broken hearts, and she doesn’t need to. Her knack for being both kitschy and naughty is enduring.

PS has been in the music scene since the late 90s, but I haven’t heard a thing from her since 2008 when she released this club banger. To be fair, I don’t follow her, and maybe she’s been putting out stuff that I have no clue of.

I’ll always have this anthem of demureness and grace, however.



Why this song didn’t go triple-platinum and snatched all the Grammys when it was released remains one of the music industry’s biggest crimes!

Blondie Ambition

It’s July!! Which means we’re at the halfway mark of this shittastic year (that I hope gets salvaged in November, if ya know what I mean), which means it’s also the first of the month, which also means it’s Hump Day and Canada Day, and since I think I covered all the important things for July 1st, it means I need to stop this ridiculous run-on sentence.

I’m still in the process of editing mah story, so in the meantime, enjoy the captivating vocals of today’s birthday girl and one of my music queens, Debbie Harry!!



His Purple Badness

Let it be known that I will always adore Prince! ❤

His songs, his performances, his impeccable side-eye and shade game…

…his taste in women that reminds me of mine (I like ’em pretty, dark-haired, and talented, too), and, of course, this great moment in not just entertainment but in modern history…nothing compares 2 Prince!

It would have been his birthday today. He should still be here, and I’m sure he’d have a LOT to say about the shit happening right now. RIP to a legend.

Enjoy the Sunday with a few of my favorite underrated songs of his!