The Unthinkable Has Happened

No, not Christina unfollowing Britney on Instagram. But this shit:

my blue bird acct

Yep, I gone and done it. Yours Truly, who once thought she wouldn’t succumb to the monster blue bird, got herself a Twitter account over the weekend. And tweeted something that no one saw, of course. (And if you really think I’m Bai Ling this whole time, well, yeah I am. After ten beers.) I’ve been using this blog, which was originally supposed to promote my works, as a dumping ground lately for all of my malarkey that I kind of don’t want associated with my author profile. I might as well take it there and stalk follow some of my faves as well. Oh, and Like some interesting shit like this:

Paris remains racist, Trump-supporting trash, but at least she had good taste in music.

Liking and tweeting won’t even be a part-time thing, of course. I’ve gotten busier with my day job as of late, and I still have another book to write. So while updates here and on my blue bird account will be sparse, at least you’ll get to see what I’m liking at the moment. And I make no apologies for what I like!

The Big 5-0

Who cares about Joanne The Transphobe continuing to add shit to her shit-covered reputation, parents making questionable choices by naming their kids after 80s metal bands and dude-bro crap, and Kate Moss once fishing out a diamond necklace out of the stanky abusive misogynistic ass of her former BF when the REAL news is this: since going low-carb seven months ago, I’ve officially lost 50 pounds!!!!!

Have I reached my goal weight? Not just yet, but the goal is near. (And I’m aware of revealing how big I used to be here.) Trying on pants in sizes I thought I’ve never fit my former fat ass in is quite surreal, as well as being reminded of what size I wore last year…and even 10, 20 years ago. Especially 20 years ago, when I was at my biggest. I’m practically in my late 30s and I look and feel miles better than when I graduated high school. Who knew that dumping refined carbs and sugars (and some exercise, of course) would shed all the excess blubber? So suck on that, low-fat diets!

Off To Protest

Thirty years ago, I worried over getting head lice and missing the latest episode of Clarissa Explains It All.

Twenty years ago, I worried over Finals, which college to go to, and missing the latest episode of Buffy.

Ten years ago, I worried over doing well at my first massage job (that I would eventually quit) and missing the latest episode of Drag Race (dat season 4 brought the drama).

Never during these times did I worry over my reproductive rights being threatened to where a rotted corpse gets better government treatment than I do.

You think that in the year 2022, I should be worrying about flying cars being safe to use and which chrome-plated dress I should wear to the club where I’d get to dance with robots. Instead, I’m worrying over losing my right to an abortion if I needed one because some ass-backwards, out-of-touch, Bible-thumping cuntbeasts in the Supreme Court want to take us back to 1822. Since wishes don’t really come true (including mines of, among my many other wishes, getting rid of all the conservative scabs some people call justices), I’ll be doing the next best thing later today: attending my local Women’s March to support the fight in keeping Roe v. Wade the law of the land!

Why didn’t I think of that for my protest sign?!

She Kicks Ass

In honor of International Women Day’s today, I want to spotlight on an underrated topic amidst the ongoing chaos between Ukraine and Russia. If you think it’s only been men battling in the war, you’ve probably been looking at Reddit way too much. Here are a few Ukrainian women who are choosing to put their lives on the line and defend their home country from the oppressive forces led by rat bastard extraordinaire Putin.

(From Vice) “The risk of saying goodbye to life is always there. We are not afraid of death; we are afraid to be slaves,” Kristina, who withheld her last name and location due to safety concerns, told VICE World News. “I will be on my land to the last.”

battling beauty queen

(From Business Insider) (Former Miss Ukraine Anastasiia) Lenna added, “Anyone who wants to join the defense of security in Europe, the world can come and stand side-by-side with Ukrainians against the invaders of the 21st century…”

And if you think going into battle is strictly a young person’s world, tell that to this fierce meemaw:

Screen Shot 2022-03-06 at 2.18.21 AM

(From Sky News) Valentyna Konstantynovska lives in Mariupol and attended military training on Sunday so she could learn how to defend herself…”If something happens, I will defend my home, my city, my children…I don’t want to lose my country, my city.”

Ya know, if and when I get to 79, I hope my future sagging fossil ass doesn’t have to worry about preparing for a deadly invasion. I’d rather worry about my dentures staying put while I nosh on my bacon and eggs, keeping my red wig in check (I’m likely going to be an old vain ho and don’t want any gray hairs showing, but will get lazy in coloring my hair), and if the 2063 SF Giants will win the World Series (they better!).

I hope these women, as well as the brave Ukrainian women and men currently in combat, are safe and still kicking ass.

ETA: here’s a lengthy list on the many Ukrainian charities you can support. (And I’m aware of the irony of linking a Reddit post.)

Happy Britney Is Free-day!

And on a day when this scumbag gets indicted!  

Now if the courts can go after her abusive leech of a dad, that would be swell. Also, she should dump that BF of hers. He’s pretty sus, if you ask me. 

I hope Brit-Brit gets to live her life her way from here on out, and that she and her kids are happy and safe. 


Raise One For Bretagne

Out of all the tributes on this now-20th anniversary of 9/11 (20 years already?! I was just a senior in high school then!), this one managed to warm my cold heart!

Pictured here is Bretagne (pronounced “Brittany”), with her handler Denise Corliss, a first responder, at Ground Zero. I first heard of Bretagne’s story via Reddit (*warning: the picture in the link will get you by the feels) and read more about her here. That she also was a search dog during Hurricane Katrina is proof that us wretched humans don’t deserve pups. She was the last 9/11 search dog standing until she went to doggy heaven five years ago. Like the victims of 9/11, Bretagne shall remain dearly missed and unforgotten.

Picture courtesy of

Keep California Sane*

Four days left till the recall election (that should’ve never happened) and the message remains the same…

If you’re a CA registered voter but haven’t received your ballot, put an awful hex on Louis deJoy and head out to your nearest polling place, which will be open tomorrow through election day. 

*I’m very aware that this state has our share of crazies. *side-eyes Central Valley and northeast CA*



A Golden Milestone!


It took a little over two years since the start of this blog, and I’m sure some basics on social media have amassed more followers in far less time, but hey! And I didn’t have to buy my followers either! Given some of the shit I’ve ranted about in the past, I’m kind of surprised I got 50 followers.

Time for a happy twerk!

I’m currently watching classic Beavis & Butthead, by the way, which influenced my choice in GIF.

And One Really Important Thing

There are three weeks left till the GQP-backed nuisance that is the California governor recall happens. Why are us Californians dealing with another anxiety-inducing election, and in less than a year. *smdh*  Californians, if you don’t want Florida west to become a reality, fill out your ballot and…

And mail it back or drop it off at your nearest voting box, of course.

While I have a soft spot for delicate roses of the 80s like Angelyne, I’d rather spare her the trouble that is politics in general. Her regular job that is living the good pink life in LA is a lot more stress-free.