Tacky Hump Day

nic cage's glam jacket

It may be Thursday in many places now, but it’s still Hump Day in my neck of the woods. And while the days are getting shorter, seeing tacky-as-hell Nicolas Cage’s tacky-as-hell jacket is like experiencing happy sunshine every hour of the day! If a Forever 21 faux leather jacket in Pepto Bismol pink banged a bunch of badges you’d only earn from being in the THOT Scouts of ‘Murica, this would be the result. So, naturally, that jacket (paired with that striped shirt!) is on-brand for Nic.

Also, the image came from a subReddit whose acronym stands for “Awful Taste But Great Execution”, but only stuffy basics who don’t know fashion would find this awful!

Happy Monday

What do you do when your sports team wins a championship and you want to party with the crowds but also want to stay safe during a global pandemic? Channel your inner Bubble Boy and party on!* 

Screen Shot 2020-10-11 at 9.17.51 PM

Also, congrats to the Lakers! They were the first bouncyball team I got into. I’ll admit: I don’t stan for them anymore like I used to, and I got accustomed to the successes of Bay Area sports during the 2010s that my love for the Lakers over time had, like LeBron’s hairline, receded. But I can definitely light a celebratory blunt (I prefer to get high over drunk) for the purple and gold reaching the mountaintop again. Kobe would be proud. 

*But seriously why the hell do you want to party with a big-ass crowd of strangers during a bloody pandemic just ’cause your team won a championship?! Stop making this state look like Florida west, Laker fans! Stay the fuck home and party with yourself or your friends. 

Tweet came from here (Also, Yahoo’s webpages suuuuuuck.)

It’s The Little Things

Every sad post must follow a happy post. Playing the Wii (which has been one of my saviors during these past six months) always perks me up, and this was my score after playing Bowling on Wii Sports:


It may not be a perfect score, but look at that–all spares and strikes, and I set a new record, beating the previous score…set by me (duh). And I was on fire in those last three frames! I dropped ‘dem pins!

Happy Monday Tuesday

Heavy smoke is still in the air at my place and social media “influencers” have not gone extinct yet, but leave it to these Spongebob-themed Makeup Erasers (yes it’s for real) to cheer my ass up!


I never used a Makeup Eraser before, and these look too good to pop my ME cherry. This all belongs in a museum! And somewhere, that money slut Mr. Krabs is sobbing tears of regret, wishing he came up with this idea first.

Pic came from here