The Big 5-0

Who cares about Joanne The Transphobe continuing to add shit to her shit-covered reputation, parents making questionable choices by naming their kids after 80s metal bands and dude-bro crap, and Kate Moss once fishing out a diamond necklace out of the stanky abusive misogynistic ass of her former BF when the REAL news is this: since going low-carb seven months ago, I’ve officially lost 50 pounds!!!!!

Have I reached my goal weight? Not just yet, but the goal is near. (And I’m aware of revealing how big I used to be here.) Trying on pants in sizes I thought I’ve never fit my former fat ass in is quite surreal, as well as being reminded of what size I wore last year…and even 10, 20 years ago. Especially 20 years ago, when I was at my biggest. I’m practically in my late 30s and I look and feel miles better than when I graduated high school. Who knew that dumping refined carbs and sugars (and some exercise, of course) would shed all the excess blubber? So suck on that, low-fat diets!

I’m Rich, Biatch!

Yours Relaxed quickly went back to Yours Busy for another work week, and it must have paid off because a guest of mine from today tipped me a cool hundred dollahs!

I forgot to take a pic of the C-note but trust me when I say I gasped and giggled like a giddy schoolgirl (and likely disturbed the other spa workers in the rooms next to me) when I saw it. I was more relieved that I got to deposit it to my bank safely without anyone mugging my newly-rich ass. Time to blow it all on a Costco membership renewal and all the Kirkland rotisserie chickens I want! 

And it’s still Hump Day where I’m at for another three minutes, so the tag counts! 



This should’ve been posted earlier today, but I went on a long day trip yesterday, then watched the Warriors win their fourth championship in eight years by sneaking into a bar (I was only there for a couple minutes and no one bothered me), celebrated another Bay Area sports win in the most Bay Area way possible (with weed), woke up late today thanks to the weed, then drove around town trying to look for that paper above, finally succeeding at the Safeway in Clayton. (All the other Safeways near me sold out of that paper!) I’m now home and this lemon ginger tea I’m having never tasted better.

Take The Good With The Bad

Warriors winning tonight: yaaaaaaassssss

Realizing that tonight is also the last night of Inside The NBA for this season and it’s Corporate Boredom Limpdick City aka ABC/BSPN broadcasting from here on out:

Obligatory “if only Inside The NBA/TNT covered the NBA Finals” (which I don’t think they ever will but hey a chick can dream)

ETA: to those choads who were throwing stuff at the Inside crew after tonight’s game: you are what you were throwing at them–cheap trash. Just straight-up embarrassing.

One Sign, One Song

This weekend I rallied for women’s abortion rights, didn’t get much sleep, worked a long day at the spa again, and did my laundry and cleaned my floors after working said long day at the spa so I can have another lazy Monday. But all I want to do is share the following two things:


This superb sign from the Oakland Bans Off Our Bodies rally. I also got to see the mayor of Oakland speak, some women dressed as handmaidens from The Handmaid’s Tale (it’s not a pro-choice rally without it these days), some cute dogs, and a homeless but harmless drunk sitting with the crowd talking to himself while speakers shared their abortion stories.

My song of the week:

Why this jam? Yours Busy-as-hell will get to be lazy as hell till next Tuesday, for I’ll be taking a break from work starting today. I’m on Spring Break, bitches!

Because A Little Joy Is Better Than None

My ass needed some cheering up (before the next bit of awful news hits, which you know will be, oh, a few minutes after this gets posted), and this tweet didn’t disappoint!

I gotta remember that comeback in case I get one of those creeps! I got it from this subReddit, which also has this post that MUST be read (especially for those in shitty, abusive relationships).

In actual uplifting news: a rape-supporting trash cunt lost his race to a woman (who also flipped the traditionally-red district blue) in Michigan. Ah, the sweet smell of poetic justice in the morning.

An item I bought on just a couple days ago is now sold out, and if you have to guess what the item was about…(although you can side-eye me for not owning it already) And, yes, I’ll be wearing that pin with pride!

Finally, I wish this declaration was the case for this blasted nation. Nonetheless, here’s reason #64295 why my state rules:

Cali may not be perfect, but it’s a fuck-ton a lot better than some states. *side-eyes all the South*

I can list more cheer-me-ups, but my low-carb chicken and steak enchiladas (that I made specially for this Cinco De Mayo and, yes, they turned out well) is calling me.


I didn’t bother driving, did yoga this morning, took a nice walk around the neighborhood in the afternoon, then sat on my ass for hours writing writing writing (and editing and finally finishing up the unfinished entries here), ate low-carb fatty ice cream while watching the Penguins win, and enjoyed my packages from Target and Mercari that arrived today. (Although that Mercari seller should know better than to package glass-bottled perfume in a basic envelope without any cushioning/protection; good thing it arrived intact). I didn’t have to clean anything and, more importantly, I didn’t encounter any idiots.