Farewell, Eddie

old school eddie van halen

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Tuesday was already a day to forget (for me, anyway) and then I hear of this. Awful way to go, but at least he’s now free of pain and at peace.

Even if you weren’t into rock music, if you knew his name, you knew he was a legend.

*sighs* Two of my favorite songs for parties, road trips, and strip clubs. (Although I’ve yet to see a stripper master the latter song.)

And for those who have a fetish for guitar solos, this will make you climax on the spot.

RIP and thanks for all the rad music, Eddie.

And you know he’s gonna enter the pearly gates of heaven like this.

guitar slide

Farewell RBG

Portrait from 1977. From NPR.

And hers is a farewell I wish didn’t happen this year.

She hung in there for as long as she could. She will be sorely missed, and her legacy in fighting for women’s rights and gender equality shall be remembered.

That said…holy bollocks, 2020. Can you go after some evil cuntbeasts for a change?! *points at pics of Republican Senators*

Also, having read various online comments on the likely outcomes of the Supreme Court, all I have to say is this: RBG would be shaking her head at those already resigning their faith in democracy. She was a fighter in what she believed in, all the way till the very end. (I’m also rolling my eyes over those calling her “selfish” that she didn’t retire earlier. I get it–people are upset right now, but why go down that route? And, yes, I’m aware of the line I wrote above this paragraph.) Yes, there are corrupt fucks in the White House and Senate doing everything they can to further their fascist regime, but those assholes of despotism can’t forget that they are still outnumbered by those who want democracy and justice restored in this country. The Women’s Marches, Black Lives Matter rallies, the 2018 Midterm Elections, and reports of surging voter registration for this year all prove this. And come November, not only must we vote, but we must fight* to make sure that America returns to being a free country for all, where our human rights are honored, and not completely collapse into a cesspool where only rich, white, male, conservative oxygen-thieves reign. Seriously–enough with the moping, complacency, and indecisiveness; if you value democracy and your human rights, you know what you gotta do. 

Mourn today, but fight* tomorrow. You know RBG would appreciate it.

**Updated 9/19: this vigil happened and it made me a little more proud to be living in the Bay Area. *sniffles* 

*And by “fight” I mean get those who are of voting age but aren’t registered to register to vote, donate to candidates, phone bank, make sure you’re registered to vote, and always let your voice be heard! 

A Total Heartbreaker

This news was just unexpected. And it had to happen on Jackie Robinson Day in the MLB, of all days.

I am stunned and saddened. That he had the career he had in the years he also had to battle cancer (which I didn’t know he had) made him all the more a remarkable human being. It’s easy to say “fuck cancer and what the fucking 2020–can you take away someone who deserves it instead?!” But it should also be realized that while 2020 and the awful times happening right now will eventually come to an end, Wakanda is forever.

Rest In Peace, Chadwick. I always thought he was a good man and quite handsome. Heaven just got a little more charming and lovely today.

Farewell To A Legend

olivia de havilland

Nooooooooooooo!!!! And she just celebrated her birthday weeks ago!! 😦

Rest In Peace to Dame Olivia de Havilland (1916-2020). One of the last true luminaries of the Golden Age of Hollywood! From her two Oscar wins, taking on Warner Bros in court (and winning her case and thus getting a law named after her), to getting blacklisted in the industry (thanks, Warner Bros!) and her famous feud with sister Joan (which has likely resumed in heaven, much to the delight of the catfight enthusiasts up there), she lived one helluva life. You will be sorely missed, Melanie!

OK, 2020, can you start taking away some heathens that deserve it?

Top pic courtesy of Entertainment Weekly