It’s Scorpio Season!

Yes, I know I haven’t posted anything in over a week. Still working the temp job (though I may return to my regular job soon), and still editing my story (while also coming up with ideas for my next story). 

Anyhoo-hoo, let’s celebrate the start of the bestest zodiac sign of them all* with this meme that is accurate AF!

*I know it’s the bestest sign of them all because I am a Scorpio myself! Scorp Gang rise up!! (Except Wheelchair Jimmy, Orange Hitler’s favorite daughter Complicit Barbie, psycho bitch-ass Roseanne, Anna Wintour and her tragic hairdo that’s as ancient as her, anti-vaxxer Jenny McCarthy, and Pimp Mama Kris Kartrashian and her wooden-faced crotchfruit that “models”–you disgraces aren’t allowed to sit with us.)

Happy National Coming Out Day!

I came out as Bisexual in the spring of 2006. Then, Myspace was the only form of social media (and I never had a Myspace; I always thought having many “friends” as possible was lame-ass) and the person I revealed this to was, well, me. I became honest with myself that spring, after years of being bi-curious, and I would let others know of my sexuality over time.

OK, so my coming out story isn’t captivating, but this old Tumblr post below on National Coming Out Day is.

Screen Shot 2020-10-10 at 10.49.57 PM

I cannot top that. Brava.

Link to that post because giving credit is always hot.

New Month, New Domain!

It’s October!!! My favorite month of the year! Why? My birthday is this month, for one (although y’all have to wait till the end of the month to send birthday wishes). And, when there are no fires *snorts* Bay Area weather is the best in October. 

Also, guess who upgraded her blog? Yep, I did! There aren’t any obvious changes yet (except for one thing) since I haven’t had time to toy with the new features. I just bought the plan over an hour ago. Kudos to that flash sale email I got yesterday that gave me 50% off a plan. Now I can spew the same ol’ nonsense…under the domain name I’ve always wanted!! Squeeeeeee! 

I said this the beginning of September but that went to the crapper, so let’s try this again for October: may this month not suck as much as last month. Also, if the Grim Reaper gotta make some famous selections, may it only take the evil asswipes for a change. 

Friday Happies

Late last year, I got UNFAIRLY served a traffic ticket for making an “illegal right turn” at a stop somewhere in Fremont. Long story short: I never ventured into this part of Fremont and thus didn’t know or see that sign saying to not make a right turn on a red light, I initially wanted to contest this ticket in court but ended up settling to pay less on my fine, and I had to complete traffic school. This all doesn’t sound like happy shit, but I took the final test of my traffic school today, and here are my results:

Screen Shot 2020-09-04 at 1.46.16 PM

YEEEAAAAAHHHH, BOI! OK, the test was open book and only 20-something questions (I think?). The only way you could fail the test is if you had the IQ of a used Q-tip with crusty belly button lint (like any wannabe-famous YouTuber who throws house parties during a pandemic). I mean, how can you fail with questions like this: 

Screen Shot 2020-09-04 at 1.21.51 PM

Although, as someone who gets creeped out by a large swarm of bees, I almost went with the bee answer.

And On Monday I Smile

While my last post brought out the feels, I’m not one to feel down all the time. Even when times are tough, I try to seek out the positives in life!

So what puts a smile on my face? Well, to name a few…

*Receiving Big Tips!*

Whether they were from my regular spa job (that’s still shut down) or from my current temp delivery job, I’m grateful for those who tip me big. It doesn’t happen often as I’d like, but it’s still appreciated!

*Seeing the Giants win games*

Like they did the past two days! (Note: I can’t find a GIF of one of their recent wins, but a GIF of one of their iconic wins also gives me the happys.) I’m not sure if they’ll make the playoffs, nor am I holding my breath for it. But a win is a win and I’ll take it!

*Watching classic Simpsons episodes*

Ah, to be a pre-teen (and teen) during the Simpsons heyday…

I’d post a clip but I felt GIFs was more approp. (Yes, I know “approp” is not a word!)

*Listening to vintage Mariah & Kylie!*

*Looking at 90s fashions/fashion shows*

You can bring back 90s fashions to the present, but, not sorry to all the young celebs of today, they cannot be served like how dem 90s models & celebs served them! If anything, it should be a federal offense if some basic THOT from today tries to wear a vintage 90s couture piece!

*Beachside drives*

Even better when the sun is out! (Which is a rarity during summer on Bay Area beaches. Damn fog.)


These kinds, I mean. (The other kind also makes me smile, albeit lasciviously.)

Happy Weekend (And An Important Note!)

Before I get to the Happy Weekend part (which is never “happy” in my case because I usually work weekends, and there’s also a bloody heat wave going on in my area right now), an Important Note: after giving it much thought, “Sage Leone” shall no longer be. I do like to keep the name around (maybe for a character name), but I no longer want to use it as my pen name. Long live my original pen name! But I wanted to go by another nom de plume for a while. What that will be is something I’m still deciding on, although I do have another good pseudonym in mind. (No, it’s not Ivana Mandafuk–that was my old–and very short-lived–LiveJournal nickname.)

Because of the change, I’ll be altering the domain name in the next few days. (I’d change it now, but I also gotta come up with a good domain name to stick with.) I hope I can keep all my blog posts intact. If you also haven’t noticed, I did change the author “display name”. It’s obviously temporary, and I’ll do my best to resist the temptation to not change it when I’m feeling capricious.

For now, I shall leave you with a couple of underrated 90s rap jams for your weekend. I was going to post just the first song, but I never knew there was a soul version of that song until now. The messages of both songs are still relevant to this day and truly female-empowering. While I got no problem with some trash and crass in my music, sometimes the heart and ears need class to balance things out. (Especially nowadays!)







I Love A Good Hand, er, Paint Job

One thing that’s more enjoyable than following my favorite baseball team (who are currently losing to a bunch of cheaters): manicures!

Confession: I don’t really go to salons to get my nails done. This may be hard to believe, but I got my very first mani-pedi just two years ago. While I enjoy the feet soak and hand paraffin I get from getting mani-pedis at salons, I can also do without them (and, yes, that sounds hard to believe, too). Plus, I prefer to throw my money at other things, like nail polish. And the amount of nail polishes that I have is something I should be embarrassed about, but I’m not. *files nails*

And I think I may have found THE nail polish of the summer!

This go-round, I painted my paws and piggies in Zoya’s “Faye”. While it’s listed as a “purple” color, it’s quite dichroic. In sunlight, the gold shimmer comes thru and my nails look more “nude gold” than purple. Even when looking at the bottle, you can’t tell there’s purple mixed in.



But in low light, the “purple” (more like a mauve) shows up.


A note that you may not care about: the pics above are photoshop-free. (I’m saving all of my PS for when I take my author portrait for my upcoming book.) So if you’re wondering why my finish looks different than what Google Search shows, there’s your reason why.

Still, the finish is nothing like I’ve seen from a polish. It’s much stun!

(Edited because I had to shrink my huge-ass pics!)

Step Into My Kitchen

…Which is also only a couple feet away from my bed because studio living, and that’s ideal for a food slut like me.

Even before Quarantine Life became a thing, I’ve always enjoyed and preferred cooking at home. I save some dough from not eating out, I know what’s going into my dishes, and while the end result almost always doesn’t look Instagram-worthy, it tastes good in the end, and that’s all that matters.

Lately, I’ve been feeling for churros. Then I saw a recipe for “churro waffles” and my instant reactions were “gimme NOW” from my stomach, but my brain went “that’s a thing?!” and “why didn’t I discover it sooner?!?!” My churro cravings were still raging so I decided to make it a thing this morning midday because I sleep in on my days-off.

The recipe I followed* (and get yourself a waffle maker if you don’t have one):

*Almost all the way–I adjusted the servings to 4 because I’m only fattening my butt here. This resulted in 3 waffles. I snuck in a dash of cinnamon to the waffle mix to make it more cinnamon-y. Also, I didn’t do the chocolate sauce part; I already had jarred chocolate sauce on me.

The end result!


It’s a lot more sugary and toasty-looking in person, I swear. And I can taste the churro flava! I also used a bit of my chocolate sauce, but I was more content with classic maple syrup and buttah. Whatever topping I used, I was already one more meal towards diabeetus with the churro waffles, but it’s always sweet taking trips to sugar heaven.

Red-Headed Woman

In addition to writing, working, and wanking, another thing has been taking up my time as of late. Folks, as of today (OK, more like last Wednesday), I’m no longer a jet-head. My natural black locks have been newly dyed a nice auburn red, and I didn’t have to go to a salon for it. (The salons are still closed in my area, and I don’t want to shell out the dollahs to dye my hair when I can do that at home for cheaper.)  In short: I’M NOW A REDHEAD!!

How did I do it? Thank the people at L’Oreal for creating this product:


A little backstory: I colored my hair a couple months ago with some temporary hair color spray I found at Target. I thought it would work; the color (which was purple) did show up, albeit sheerly because, again, black hair. The very next day, however, the color faded, as did my hopes for trying to color my hair again. I always felt like my hair was tough to color. No matter what I’d do and use, my black hair would not accept the color I’d give it. Up until recently, hair color products were a beauty expense I rarely indulged in, but only because I had bad luck with them.

Then, sometime after that failed purple dye job, I came across L’Oreal’s HiColor HiLights for Dark Hair. I watched some videos on how to apply the stuff, and it seemed easy. Those videos, which featured women using the Magenta color, also shifted my need for purple hair in favor for deep red locks. *gasp* Me, a redhead?! But I felt like red tresses would be more suitable for summer and the upcoming fall as opposed to purple. (And if I do want to return to purple, there are also some purple/violet shades in the HiColor line.)

My hankering to go red coincided with non-essential stores like Sally’s Beauty reopening again. In addition to all the prep stuff (creme developer, processor caps, etc.), I bought a couple of boxes of the HiColor Highlights in “Red”. I would’ve gotten Magenta, but the cool undertones of it wouldn’t work with the golden undertones of my skin. Shout out to the employees at Sally’s, who suggested Red for me, as I wanted a deep auburn red finish as opposed to an Ariel red.

Pics and more after the cut!

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Just Gimme The Fireworks*

It’s the Fourth of July weekend. Since I’m not wrapped in the hot dog-scented straight jacket called blind patriotism (that’s also made in China but marketed as “Made In The USA”), I have to ask: after all that has happened in this country since the start of that darn year that is 2020, is there anything about the US worth celebrating these days?!

I used to be one of those people who had no problem donning attire that had the stars & stripes, and not just because this Fil-Am chick wanted to show others that an American girl is not just some white blue-eyed blonde. (By the way, all that bullshit over white blondes constantly being hyped as the “all-American dream girl” shall always be countered by a quote from that wacko supermodel Janice Dickinson: “blonde? Blue-eyed? That’s not American, you idiots. It’s Scandinavian.”) I wore all that patriotic shit because there was a time when I appreciated being an American, despite the faults the country had then.

That was ten years ago, though. That blue USA hat of mine, and all my other clothes displaying the red-white-and-blue, has been collecting dust in its storage since late 2016. Unless we vote out the bullshit this November and beyond, all those clothes will continue to stay there. (Friendly reminder to VOTE BLUE, PEOPLE!!) Sheeit, you won’t even catch me eating a cookie with red, white, and blue sprinkles these days. Simply put, it’s just another work weekend for me the next two days. Come at me, blind patriots.

Until there is a time when it will be cool to genuinely exclaim “America–fuck yeah!” again, I’ll just stick with enjoying my fivesome fantasy involving American-born hotties Jason Momoa, Michael B. Jordan, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Adam Driver as my way of celebrating the Fourth of July. That and the soul food and fireworks.*

*But don’t fire them off at 3 in the fucking morning, goddammit. I work early shifts this weekend and I need to sleep early!