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Welp. My Giants’ otherwise memorable season just had to end so soon. On a shit call (out of many shit calls today) by a shit ump, I must add.

I was prepared for the worst, however. If it wasn’t for having Married With Children on my TV (I got all the episodes on DVD and yes I still watch some shows on DVD) while listening to the KNBR broadcast of the Giants game (because TBS stands for “The Biased SlutsForDodgers”), I would’ve been crying over this loss. Oh, who am I kidding–I don’t cry for any favorite sports team when it comes to playoff shit. My all-time favorite sitcom softened the blow and I just watched Marcy strip in front of Steve to make him to shave off his beard that she hates. Bahahahaha ah fuck.

Also, thank goodness for hockey.

Edit to add: realizing that the Houston Asterisks, who still have never been reprimanded over their cheating ways, got to advance over the Giants (who had never cheated for their World Series wins, need I remind y’all) and being reminded how much the Bums overpaid for players to join their team and now my mood is this:

Yeah, thank goodness for hockey. And weed.

New Jack Swingin’

Continuing with my 1991-themed Throwback Thursdays for this month, here are some of my favorite R&B songs that were released 30 years ago, at the height of the New Jack Swing era! Gotta dance away all my nerves of the upcoming Game 5 between the Giants and Bums, y’know. (I gotta do a LOT of dancing then.)

That New Jack City soundtrack (which gave us the first two songs) remains legendary.

You gotta wonder how many babies were made to this song. Also, thanks to CB4, I sometimes think of big-ass biscuits when this song plays.

I’ve seen conflicting release dates of this eternal jam, but the consensus seems to be at 1991, so it counts! And Rest In Power, Heavy D.

Since it’s also the birthday of Superwoman herself Karyn White…

*sighs* What I would give to go back to the days when women in R&B didn’t look so plastic and ratchet and sang with their real voices without any autotune. No, I would not sacrifice a Giants win tonight for that.

When My Faves Collide

I’m a slut for both makeup and sports, so of course Colourpop just had to do an NBA collab to tempt me to break my no-buy on eyeshadow palettes. Oddly, the one palette that attracts me the most is of a team I normally don’t root for–the Mavericks. I’ve been looking for a palette with some pretty blues; it’s the one color story I don’t have in my collection. As for who in the NBA should model those purdy colors, it should be Ben Simmons. Ben is on the verge of being unemployed by the league; if he really needs the work, he might as well take his talents to Team CP and be the face of this line. Including wearing the glitter stickers!

MLB collab when Colourpop? Although this being Colourpop aka the undisputed leader of fast beauty, that will likely be released next week.

Pic courtesy of Makeup Muddle

Happy National Coming Out Day!

Yaaasss Elliott.

I also recommend Good Housekeeping’s article that features more coming out stories from other LGBTQ+ figures. And if you need a little uplifting on this day, this vintage Tumblr post is pure fire. I seem to post/link it every Coming Out Day, and it never get old.

Say Hello To My Little Friends!


I can’t have pets in my apartment, but there was no rule against mini Venus fly traps! If only I got this pot of bad girls when the weather was warmer, though. It’s getting cooler again and flies don’t do cold weather. Plus, it looks like one of them already chowed down something and I have to wait a while to feed it something again. It’s a bummer because I’d like to see them in action!


The view from above. For naive flies and insects, this is one of the last things they’ll see in their lives. (I know, dark.)

Message Of The Day!*

Playoff baseball has officially bit my ass. I know this because last night I had this weird dream that both the Giants and Bums scored six runs each in Game 1 of their series, and the score remained stuck for innings while I wandered around Oracle Park like I had mixed NyQuil and DayQuil. Not the first dream that I wandered around in such fashion and in a place my real-life self cannot afford to get into, but that’s not the point. While I will always adore the City of Smog, Super-shitty traffic, and Superficial Hot Messes, when it comes to playoff baseball, mah team comes first! Go Giants!

Side note: not sure why that message is in a Giants-Mets game, but at least those fans know how to spell.

*and for the rest of the NLDS, I should add. 

Glam & Fashion In One GIF

I haven’t done as many Throwback Thursdays as I’ve wanted to lately. For this month, all TTs will pay tribute to some of the fun things that went down in 1991. Because, y’know, thirty year anniversary and all that stuff to make some of you feel really old. And for today’s TT, I am feeling for–wait for it–glamour and fashion! I could post a bunch of vintage captures, but there just happens to be a single GIF that encapsulates all the style of that year: 

So much fashion and 90s supermodel glam in one GIF. Those nepotism cases that get passed off as “models” these days could never. If the recent Fashion Week shows in NYC and Paris bored the shit out of you (and I’m betting a dollar it did), may that GIF be balm for your eyes. The video of that moment is also worth a watch!

Happy Sluggish Monday

IMG_20211003_123739122 copy

This should be a Happy Monday post, since yesterday I got my Covid booster shot. (For the record, I was able to get the shot as I work in “healthcare”, and I thank my state’s massage board for classifying us massage therapists as “healthcare workers”.) But holy cow udders do I feel like sluggish with a sore AF arm right now. Hmph, just like how I used to feel on Sundays back in the mid/late-2000s after partying the night before. I think I also lost the 10% off groceries coupon Safeway gave me as incentive. Guess this is the price I pay to get even more 5G pumped into me. 



Work commitments kept me from participating in the Women’s March yesterday. Besides being at the March in spirit, I got a kick out of these signs!

elephant in the womb

Now that is clever.

pro-birth crap

This also needs to be seen by those ass-backwards ingrates that waste their lives protesting outside Planned Parenthood.

protest this shit

I remember seeing that same message on the sign that cool granny is holding at past Women’s Marches. The message never gets old.

And, finally, in ye olde Texas…

new texas laws

*sighs* If only Abbott’s dad squirted him on the floor instead.

Pics courtesy of Reddit (click on pic for link)