Weekend Hotness

Blah blah blah yes I’ve been busy as balls but who cares when I got a new crush to report! The smokin’ hot hottie above is Las Vegas Aces player and newly-crowned WNBA champion Kelsey Plum flaunting both swagger and smolder at the Aces’ parade earlier this week. I may have missed the WNBA Playoffs this year (not entirely my fault–my cable package doesn’t have ESPN, which is usually fine any other time of the year), but I shall not overlook Kelsey from here on out!

Here’s more of Kelsey at the parade, tempting my lady parts as she flexes dem guns, along with her Aces teammates. Also, big congrats to the Aces for winning their first championship! And somewhere, the Raiders and Golden Knights sulk quietly upon knowing their teams weren’t the first to give Vegas their first championship.

Pics courtesy of the Aces’ Twitter

The Unthinkable Has Happened

No, not Christina unfollowing Britney on Instagram. But this shit:

my blue bird acct

Yep, I gone and done it. Yours Truly, who once thought she wouldn’t succumb to the monster blue bird, got herself a Twitter account over the weekend. And tweeted something that no one saw, of course. (And if you really think I’m Bai Ling this whole time, well, yeah I am. After ten beers.) I’ve been using this blog, which was originally supposed to promote my works, as a dumping ground lately for all of my malarkey that I kind of don’t want associated with my author profile. I might as well take it there and stalk follow some of my faves as well. Oh, and Like some interesting shit like this:

Paris remains racist, Trump-supporting trash, but at least she had good taste in music.

Liking and tweeting won’t even be a part-time thing, of course. I’ve gotten busier with my day job as of late, and I still have another book to write. So while updates here and on my blue bird account will be sparse, at least you’ll get to see what I’m liking at the moment. And I make no apologies for what I like!

Late Night Quick Thoughts

I’d rather be honest than “Be Kind”. Let’s be real, the “Be Kind” crowd are just using that annoying AF phrase to mask their shitty behavior. Do something that gets under their skin, even if it’s minuscule, and they’ll want to skin you alive. (While I’m at it, the “Be Kind” phrase is right down there with “Live Laugh Love” or however the fuck it goes, and “Girl Boss” *gags* in my personal Hell. Which is also known as the Decor section at a Home Goods.)

And…You cannot call yourself a witch fighting against the patriarchy when you support a figure representing the worst of the patriarchy while denouncing the victim of a witch hunt that was started by said figure of the patriarchy.

(I say this because some so-called “feminist” subReddits really aren’t as feminist as I originally thought. But it’s Reddit so I shouldn’t be surprised.)

It’s Ladies Night!

It’s HOT as Satan’s sphincter in the East Bay Area today, so to take my mind away from our current inferno, I shall gorge on Rebel ice cream, sit on a bag of frozen peas, and rewatch these Girl Power moments from the 1997 MTV VMAs (obligatory when the show mattered and had REAL stars/musicians around), which happened 25 years ago today!

If there was one single flaw from this performance, it’s that effing seated crowd that seemed not into it. Joyless fools! They couldn’t recognize the amazingness unfolding in front of them. The outfits of Kim and Left Eye that scream “QUEEN”, Da Brat entering as a badass warrior that would make the incels pop a vein, and Missy werkin’ it…I live!

If any of you miss genuine speeches with soul from entertainers, or if you want some eye balm from stumbling upon a clip from this year’s VMAs, this clip is all you need to watch. The youths in, erm, music today could never.

I’m not sure what’s more memorably wild: Busta and Martha presenting an award together, seeing Posh eek out a ultra-rare smile, or Ginger Spice going all-out campy drag with her getup. (Side note: I soooo wanted to dress like her for Halloween that year. I ended up dressing like a janky version of Sporty Spice instead. Janky Spice!) Also, no snark here, but the dedication to Princess Diana (who had perished just days before the show) was a sweet touch.

The Big 5-0

Who cares about Joanne The Transphobe continuing to add shit to her shit-covered reputation, parents making questionable choices by naming their kids after 80s metal bands and dude-bro crap, and Kate Moss once fishing out a diamond necklace out of the stanky abusive misogynistic ass of her former BF when the REAL news is this: since going low-carb seven months ago, I’ve officially lost 50 pounds!!!!!

Have I reached my goal weight? Not just yet, but the goal is near. (And I’m aware of revealing how big I used to be here.) Trying on pants in sizes I thought I’ve never fit my former fat ass in is quite surreal, as well as being reminded of what size I wore last year…and even 10, 20 years ago. Especially 20 years ago, when I was at my biggest. I’m practically in my late 30s and I look and feel miles better than when I graduated high school. Who knew that dumping refined carbs and sugars (and some exercise, of course) would shed all the excess blubber? So suck on that, low-fat diets!

And On Monday I Laugh (Again)

Me after reading the reactions on the digitally imposed pig slop that was the Sainty Southern Gentleman’s VMA appearance yesterday (TIL two things: the VMAs are still on (but why tho) and that it happened yesterday) and hearing that he’s also job-hunting

“Pathetic” has been redefined in spades last night and I couldn’t be more pleased.

ETA: according to a few that wasted their lives going to the VMAs, that shit wasn’t even shown to the audience and the “applause” was added in! Talk about boss-level fakery. (Given who also appeared at that show, however, the audience wasn’t entirely spared from utter trash.)