Late Night Quick Thoughts

I’d rather be honest than “Be Kind”. Let’s be real, the “Be Kind” crowd are just using that annoying AF phrase to mask their shitty behavior. Do something that gets under their skin, even if it’s minuscule, and they’ll want to skin you alive. (While I’m at it, the “Be Kind” phrase is right down there with “Live Laugh Love” or however the fuck it goes, and “Girl Boss” *gags* in my personal Hell. Which is also known as the Decor section at a Home Goods.)

And…You cannot call yourself a witch fighting against the patriarchy when you support a figure representing the worst of the patriarchy while denouncing the victim of a witch hunt that was started by said figure of the patriarchy.

(I say this because some so-called “feminist” subReddits really aren’t as feminist as I originally thought. But it’s Reddit so I shouldn’t be surprised.)