Rants & Raves 8/26

NOTE: this should’ve been posted Friday, but was left in Drafts this whole time. Whoops. 

My blog might as well be a tabloid now because I’ve been publishing nonsense here weekly recently. Yours Busy has become Yours Truly So Damn Busy as of late.

Guess who was able to get vaxxed against the new pandemic on the block known as Monkeypox? ME!!! OK, so I just got the first shot a few days ago and I have to get a second one at the end of next month, so I’m not fully vaxxed just yet, and I still have a mark on my left forearm from the injection that makes it look like I’m growing a cat nipple there. But this is one of those very few times where my shit condition (eczema) and my occupation (skin-on-skin contact with clients–from professional massage, now!) allows me to be eligible to get the shot. Now if only I can be eligible to get the second Covid booster…*grrr*

My new favorite bedtime tea:

I can’t say it will knock your ass out to Sleepy Town in a snap, and I get more chai than caramel from it, but the sleep I get from it is great so far. Get yourself some, particularly at Sprouts as they got a BOGO free sale on all Yogi teas right now. 

This observation is a year-and-a-half late, but is it just me or are there more speeding idiots on the freeways these days? Even when it’s after rush hour I’d be seeing these fools stuck in their Fast & Furious fantasies. The fuck are those bitches rushing for?! It’s only 8:45PM and Jack-In-The-Box has a 24-hour drive-thru, so don’t take to the roads like it’s a Formula 1 race, choades.

Me whenever I see how much of my paycheck goes to Tax Withheld. Lordt. That refund I should get next year better make up for it.

I’m gonna be That Bitch and say the next time my ancient Millennial ass hears of anyone saying how wOkE Gen Z is, I got four words for you: the Depp-Heard trial. I’ll leave it at that. (And yes, I’m sadly aware of my generation also being trash in this case.)

A rainbow-colored deep dive of one of my childhood faves, if you get bored. LMAO at that header pic!

It’s Virgo time so here’s J-Lo hating on Virgos! (And you wonder why I sometimes side-eye Leo women. Then again, I’m a Scorpio and I side-eye everyone.)

In much happy news, I think I may be free of student debt!!!!!!!!

And speaking of student debt, the Twitter thread of the week. Never thought I’d write this, but the White House account is getting spicy!

I’m kind of liking the Dark Brandon stuff. I’m never really hyped up on memes, but if it pisses off all those MAGA oxygen thieves for having their precious LGB phrase being taken by “those damn libruls” (their words), all the better.

Closing this with some vintage eye candy, courtesy of yesterday’s birthday bombshell Claudia Schiffer, in a Guess parfum commercial, directed by the late, great Herb Ritts. If you miss how real supermodels used to look like and what sexy was without it being skanked out with a hundred filters and lip fillers, just watch this clip.