How To Butcher The Definition Of A Word

Thirty years ago, Harper’s Bazaar served us one of the most truly iconic covers in all of fashion magazine history. (Has it really been thirty years?!) Since then, they’ve become more bizarre over time, and proved it yet again by putting out this list of “icons” for their September issue. This was me after glancing at the pics:

mimi says

Bitch, please times a thousand. I may be an old and don’t bother to keep up with who’s supposedly “hot” among today’s Young Hollywood set, but shouldn’t a true icon be actually recognizable right off the bat, not making me pull a Mariah when I see their pic? And where are the damn names to those images that’s giving me 90s Spiegel Catalog but extra dreary so I can at least see who the hell is who?

By the way, here’s a short list of what/who’s more iconic than that entire list:

–any Steph Curry three-pointer


–the McRib sandwich

–the hot pants on the one true mononymous Kylie

Bai Ling’s “Icons” bra (and the rest of her outfit there)

those shoes that should’ve struck W. Bush 

What Bazaar should have done was put Angelyne or a McRib (or Angelyne eating a McRib) on their “Icons” issue cover, and it would’ve made a million times more sense because at least I (and anyone else with good taste) would know who that is! Once again, Bazaar had one job, and they flopped.