A Wholesome Start To August

This shit blew up over the weekend and I must say: fans of the oh-so innocent southern gentleman really crowdfunded $3K of their own money to access court documents in an attempt to further humiliate his ex-wife…only to publicly humiliate their saintly idol in soooo many, many ways. (Do I smell another lawsuit coming from the Derp camp?)

I’ll just keep it classy here.

And I think this ignorant AF trash (liked by Florence Pugh, whoever she is–I don’t really bother with Gen Z’s “stars”, but her name pops up in the gossip sites I read) needs to be revised last month. Greg (whoever he is, too) really should know that while you can’t keep a real good man down, an awful man just can’t stay up.

Bonus: reactions from the shipwreck

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