Escape To Eataly

The Bay Area officially has one of these now!


Because I can’t keep grumbling about how awful it is being a Bi woman of color of child-bearing age in 2022 ‘Murica, I took a day trip Thursday. Where I chose to go was not to a beach or a state park far from home, but to a mall in the South Bay Area. Hold your side-eyes, because that mall isn’t just any mall, but the Westfield Santa Clara. Where they got your typical mall finds like Macy’s and Cinnabon to shops for the bougie crowd like Bloomingdale’s and Louis Vuitton. And now the mall has Nor-Cal’s only Eataly! I have to say that it was kind of fun telling others at work I was going to Eataly for my weekend, as I had a few thinking I was actually going to Italy. Honey, I can’t squeeze an Italy vacation in my three days off, and I still won’t be flying anywhere until Covid cases reach its lowest.


Three floors of Italian good-good?! My ass is there. 


One of the many, many, many, many house-made foods I could not freely indulge in. *sad face*


Ditto their pizza bar. And not a low-carb option in sight. (And, yes, I am fussy with my low-carbness nowadays.)

You may be asking me the one question I was asking myself upon setting foot into the three-story market: what am I doing in a fancy Italian food market which contains a lot of carb-heavy foods I can only consume through sniffing? Eataly, like the country it represents, was new territory that intrigued me. And while I walked around the place kind of wishing they opened a year ago when I was not doing low-carb, it wasn’t just pastas and pizzas and breads they sold. Fresh-cut meats, fish fresh from the sea, and almost every cheese you can imagine were also available.


Meats in the middle, and a mozzarella lab. No cheese was being made when I was there, sadly. But there were plenty of aged parmesan cheese logs (?) found.



No fresh baked bread around. No problem for me, although the 2021 version of me would shriek in horror over this! 




Three ways to wine. Their vast selection would make a Napa Valley winery jelly. 


The third-floor marketplace. Oh, and look–more foods that I can only look at but not buy and eat on the spot.


Rooftop view from the Terra Patio Bar, which I captured from inside the store since the rooftop was only for the diners (thus the reflection of someone in the pic)

I did buy a couple things there: some imported pork fat and the darkest of the dark 100% pure chocolate bar. I may not have shopped till I dropped there (even if I was still eating carbs, that place is pricey), but getting to explore a store that’s only found in eight other locations in North America was the bigger takeaway, and you can’t put a price on that.