Hump Day Eye Balm

Today at work, I witnessed this elderly client with blue legs be grouchy to a coworker of mine, only for her to injure herself with her walker (don’t ask how) to where she ends up yelling throughout the spa. The sight was as pretty as some cheapo tipping me a dollar for a $130 massage. (1)

So when I saw this pic of a new-and-improved Frankie Grande Ryan Gosling as Ken in the upcoming Barbie movie on some gossip subReddit, three things. 1) There’s a Barbie movie being made?! 2) You gotta admire Gosling for taking a role where he plays a guy without any genitals. And 3) After what happened at work today and the shit I witnessed the past half-month, who knew that one pic would serve as refreshing, bronzer-laden eye balm?

Pic came from here