A Perfect Anniversary!

Has it really been TEN effing years since this game?!

I was at work, less than a year into my massage career. Only until I was done with the work day did I hear via radio that a perfecto was achieved at then-AT&T Park, by none other than SF Giants FOREVER LEGEND Matt Cain. And he pitched against those future trash can beaters to boot! To this day, that game remains the lone Perfect game in Giants’ franchise history (they’ve had plenty of no-hitters, however). And TIL via the Wiki that it’s been 10 years since the last-ever Perfect game. To the current MLB players: step up your shit. I wanna see another perfecto! (As long as it’s not done by the Bums against my team.)

Bonus footage on Cain’s Perfecto:

A trivial-as-hell side note: some people online were celebrating this anniversary yesterday. Unless if they were in a time zone where it was June 13th at their place when they posted, why on earth would they celebrate the anniversary the day before its actual date? *smh*