Bad Girl Weekend (The Sequel!)

Note: this got accidentally posted earlier today when I thought I had this reset from “scheduled to post” to “draft” (I had to edit more stuff). WordPress’ fault! 

After witnessing patriarchal fuckery once again being upheld in the past few days (and knowing it’s gonna happen again later this month…and likely later this year), fuck being good and nice to those who want us women reduced to chattel. The theme for this weekend’s music is, once again, all about bold, bad women, made by bold, bad (in a good way) women!

Ah, Queen Eartha. I’m sure she made puritans back in her day clutch their pearls with this song.

Ooooh, the lyrics to this song. Sing it with me: “I’m so sorry if I’m alienating some of you/Your whole fucking culture alienates me…”

The “Tank Girl” soundtrack introduced me to L7, and they’ve since earned their place as one of my favorite girl bands.

“Bad girl of the year, 96 Pam Grier”–aww yiss, Foxy. I sometimes think this video influenced the 1996 movie Set It Off (a great bad girl movie, by the way!) You know the concept of tough women robbing a bank wouldn’t fly today. Total probably would’ve been told by higher-ups that they should let men rob the banks while they sing in thong bikinis and a pound of makeup and hair extensions.

Not only is this video so damn stylish, but if you know the message behind this song, it makes it even more badass.

This underground mid-90s dance track may the least known out of all the songs in this post. Nonetheless, I’m always down for 90s dance with a title like that. I found this on one of the many 90s House Music compilations I own, and while I liked the original version, this remix sounds bitchier. Love.