A sAiNt’s Influence (And An Apology)

Instead of more actual male victims of domestic violence coming out with their own stories in the aftermath of the Heard-Depp one-sided pony show trial (because the trial was supposed to be about male domestic violence victims getting their justice, right?), THIS is one thing that comes from it: 

Screen Shot 2022-06-03 at 2.36.43 PM

‘The jury gave me my life back.’ ‘Truth never perishes.’ — Johnny Depp. I felt that! Congratulations to Johnny and his team on his defamation suit,” Rittenhouse tweeted

“Johnny Depp trial is just fueling me, you can fight back against the lies in the media, and you should!” Rittenhouse tweeted

This scab that walked scot-free from his vile actions being INFLUENCED by Depp and his “victory”. To all the supporters and stans of their precious Saint Depp, let that sink in. And bless that choad for thinking he’ll have a winning case, let alone a case. 

Oddly, I didn’t first discover this news on Reddit’s main News subReddit (which usually reports these things), but on a site for celeb gossip. Of course, you can Google Rottenhouse’s name and news articles on that will pop up, but that the rest of Reddit, which, just a month ago, was filled to the brim with trite AF “Johnny Good/Amber Turd EVIL” memes almost everywhere, hasn’t even brought it up is very telling. There’s plenty of articles and tweets calling out the recent gun massacres, but what about that gun-happy Rottenhouse being influenced by Depp? I sorted Reddit’s News page to “New” last night and earlier today, and as of 11:25PM PDT, there remains no mention of that. I wonder why. Meanwhile, that sub’s top-voted headline this year? You guessed it! Talk about a punk bitch move. Speaking of, let’s not forget all those dipshits who openly mocked Amber on their blogs/social media for those precious likes/views and attention during the trial, then 180 or go silent from their bullshit later like that Hasan who-dat. Trivial as it sounds, I’ve unsubscribed to some subReddits I once liked due to their stance on the trial and their obvious bot infestation pushing that played-out faux narrative. 

And that trial, which should have never been televised and publicized the way it became, was supposed to have been about defamation and domestic violence. Thanks to the unrelenting nature of today’s media, the trial got co-opted as a vicious battle of the sexes by right-wingers (some of whom support Depp), incels, and misogynists, and are now using the result as fuel to kill off #meToo and feminism. Call me weird, but it all eerily reminds me of the aftermath of the 2016 Presidential Election, where blatant misinformation and propaganda influenced the gullible viewers and results of the event, where dubious-at-best man good, bold woman wrong and evil!! 

In the words of Gil Courtemanche, “propaganda is as powerful as heroin; it surreptitiously dissolves all capacity to think.” 

I’d call for Media Literacy classes in all high schools and colleges, but after 2016, it’s probably too late for that.

And it has to be said: throughout this whole ordeal, Amber deserved better. Hell, she deserved something normal than the deranged hell she’s been put through that only the best dystopian and thriller novelists can write up. There’s now this rumor going around, which only fuels the Depp crazies and Hollywood’s perpetual hypocrisy considering they still won’t blacklist unhinged AF woman-choker Ezra Miller, who never received the kind of public backlash for their actions as Amber did, mind you. (Yes, I’m aware Miller’s a They, and they are still an abusive prick.)

I’ll admit I once thought she and Depp were both awful. I slightly took up her side after seeing all the harassment and stupid memes against her months ago, but I was not fully convinced until I saw these master lists debunking all the shit attached to Amber’s name and reading other people’s stories on why they support her. I felt duped since hearing of their messy divorce years ago, and I want to send my apologies and support to Amber. I may be admitting this now, but better to admit your faults now than supporting Depp (oh Carmen, Helena, and Penelope, why?!) then backtracking on it when Captain Jackass Sparrow eventually gets exposed for who he really is, and what he’s been this whole damn time. Hint: it’s uglier than his Indian corn teeth, and that’s saying a lot. I don’t know if he’ll donate his winning money to ACLU (which has supported Heard this whole time) and organizations for domestic violence, but don’t be surprised if he needs that $10+mil more than they do. He does have another court case to attend in less than two months, for allegedly punching a crew member, so he gotta pay to lawyer up. What a caring, southern gentleman! 

In a sane world, my (or anyone else’s) decision to support and believe Amber should not be polarizing and inciting. But we’re balls-deep in this awful-ass timeline where there’s still a damn pandemic, US gun shootings now occur every week (might as well leave the flags at half-mast till next year), Roe v Wade is about to be stripped away, only boys can be bad and girls have to be sweet and innocent to be believed *gags*, this heartwarming trash goes down, and where other Amber supporters are getting vitriol and harassment from delusional Depp stans (who also went after their saint’s daughter, of all people). All that should be prime advertisement for sterilization to those on-the-fence in wanting kids. Unfollow this blog if you want, but unless if she does something really shitty (that’s also not started by right-wing disinformation bots), I’m sticking with my Amber support. I’ll also be monitoring my comments more closely from here on out just ’cause. I wouldn’t have to if, again, we were in a sane world. That trial’s verdict alone further proves that we are not.