Yes And Yes

Finally, some actual sane takes on the Heard/Depp trial:

…If people can’t speak out about their experiences with abuse while granting their abusers anonymity, when can they speak at all?

Almost everything about this trial has been a keen reminder of the Bad Old Days. The days when a woman had to be a stoic and saintly image of victimhood in order to be believed. The days when a man’s appalling private behavior could be ignored by the masses because he was a beloved public figure. The days when it was acceptable to demonize and bully a woman because she said things about a famous man that the world would rather not hear. The days when bystanders pointing any of these things out online would earn them a swift and proverbial beatdown.

“This whole trial has been a depressing and demoralizing mess. It is a confirmation that we still live in a place where, when it comes to a complicated he-said-she-said, the winner will always be the one with the most power, the most fans, the most money to buy the best lawyers, and the biggest reserves of good old fashioned misogyny to deploy.

“Amber Heard and Johnny Depp both lost today. But it’s America that’s losing the most.”

From my local PBS station KQED, who did not disappoint! Glad to support them.


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Tell it, Alex!