Quote Of The Week

I know I’m supposed to heed the advice of Paul Anka and Lisa Simpson when it comes to “celebrity” oxygen thieves, but a friend showed me this over the weekend, and it was too good to pass up!


This had everything: a glorious dragging of someone that deserves it, receipts brought out, and a bitchy read that made me get mah fan out. And according to those who saw that hobbit’s sex tape, she probably fucks like a rug too. (I haven’t seen the tape and I don’t like to waste my time.) If only all those media outlets that heinously kissed up to her instead called out her attention-desperate disorder-ridden lying ass like TMMC, maybe just maybe, this world would be a slightly better place. And hopefully TMMC doesn’t backpedal their words, because somewhere in heaven, the one and only Marilyn is nodding in approval over the scalping of Karen Rugtrashian.