Because A Little Joy Is Better Than None

My ass needed some cheering up (before the next bit of awful news hits, which you know will be, oh, a few minutes after this gets posted), and this tweet didn’t disappoint!

I gotta remember that comeback in case I get one of those creeps! I got it from this subReddit, which also has this post that MUST be read (especially for those in shitty, abusive relationships).

In actual uplifting news: a rape-supporting trash cunt lost his race to a woman (who also flipped the traditionally-red district blue) in Michigan. Ah, the sweet smell of poetic justice in the morning.

An item I bought on just a couple days ago is now sold out, and if you have to guess what the item was about…(although you can side-eye me for not owning it already) And, yes, I’ll be wearing that pin with pride!

Finally, I wish this declaration was the case for this blasted nation. Nonetheless, here’s reason #64295 why my state rules:

Cali may not be perfect, but it’s a fuck-ton a lot better than some states. *side-eyes all the South*

I can list more cheer-me-ups, but my low-carb chicken and steak enchiladas (that I made specially for this Cinco De Mayo and, yes, they turned out well) is calling me.